Senators Cruz and Sanders debate Obamacare February 7

3 Feb

This week the DC punditocracy, GOP and Democrat alike, criticized President Trump for the clumsiness of his enhanced vetting of refugees, which led to hours of detention for 109 people.  Those detained included people in flight before the Executive Order was promulgated and Green Card holders (the technocrats say LPRs, for “legal permanent residents”).  The roll out of this program was said to be a disaster.

Simultaneously the DC punditocracy agree that the Affordable Care Act has some problems.  Thirty one million people have deductibles so high they effectively are no longer insured – even though they are paying higher premiums than ever.  This however just shows that Obamacare needs, according to Democratic pundits, some “fine tuning.”

Passed in a rush, slapped together from wish lists in the desks of Democratic Congresspeople, as then Speaker Pelosi put it “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”

Now nearly a decade later, the Affordable Care Act is about to be repealed, with Democrats outnumbered and unable to stop it.  Millions are now dependent on it for access to healthcare; millions of others are paying higher premiums for insurance but can’t actually use it since under Obamacare their deductibles are too high (my employer based insurance has a deductible of $4500, $6500 for expenses outside of my network).

Two former Presidential candidates are now going to clear this all up for us.

According to off the record sources, Senators Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz are going to debate Obamacare and its repeal next week.  The debate will occur at the Studio Theater on 14th Street NW, where President Obama held a Townhall back in July last year.  CNN will air it later that night (ABC and ESPN aired President Obama’s TownHall).  Senator Sanders had his own solo CNN TownHall back on January 9, and Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan have also had CNN Townhalls this year.

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