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So this is inevitably where we wind up

26 May

The Liberty Zone

All this accommodating of crazy has brought us here. We have people who identify as everything from mops to toasters. We’ve read about douche freaks who identify as children of the opposite sex, or live their lives as animals. There’s a transgender guy who identifies as an alien, and a derelict who identifies as a “Billy Goat” arrested for not paying his bar tab. A couple of years ago, there was a crazed Russian who married a pizza, claiming human relationships were just way too complicated, and another douche taco who married a snake, because he thought his dead girlfriend came back as a cobra. (Now, I love pizza as much as the next person, but I’m not sure how legal it is to eat your spouse. Also, there’s an evil misanthropic part of me that wants to see the guy try to consummate…

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Massive Contradiction – John Brennan Completely Contradicts FBI Director James Comey on Congressional Notification…

26 May

Source: Massive Contradiction – John Brennan Completely Contradicts FBI Director James Comey on Congressional Notification…

Why are we less important?

10 May

The Liberty Zone

I haven’t read the new GOP health care bill that passed a couple of days ago, because I simply haven’t had time. The things I heard about it – from both the right and the left – have not been positive, but given the vast amount of misinformation out there about it from both sides, I’d rather read it for myself before commenting on the legislation. And I will. It just might take a while.

Instead, I’d like to talk about this idea that somehow people like me and my family – and hundreds of thousands of others – should be victimized to ostensibly “help” people for whom programs already exist that ensure they have access to health care.

First, a couple of actual facts.

The “pre-existing condition” hysteria is just that. There are very few Americans who are actually denied insurance coverage because of pre-existing conditions. As Avik Roy…

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Rep. Justin Amash: Staff and I Looking to Establish Independent Commission on Russia

10 May



Following the firing of FBI Director James Comey by President Trump there are already calls for an independent investigation into the Russian matter.

Republican Congressman Justin Amash tweeted earlier tonight:

Amash has been a principled conservative thorn in the side of President Trump, since the President’s inauguration. Attempting to hold the President accountable for straying away from a conservative platform.


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DNC lawsuit: DNC won’t answer court’s basic question about state primary deals — Part 2 of 3

6 May

The Florida Squeeze

There’s a curious exchange in the DNC fraud lawsuit transcript of motion to dismiss. It’s between counsel for defense Bruce Spiva and Judge William Zloch. After opening statements, the judge asks DNC counsel an ostensibly simple question that can be summed up as, “Explain the DNC relationship with primaries at the state level.” I thought, ‘well this is going to be boilerplate,’ and started to skim ahead. But then I noticed the DNC’s attorney stumbles through nine re-phrasings of the original question without offering a straight answer.

This should have been the easiest question of the day: “How does your client do its job?” Ten times the judge asked Spiva to explain the working relationship with the DNC and the primary process in the states. Ten times Spiva gave vague and confusing answers.

Here are attempts 2-4:

  1. THE COURT: Does the DNC help to fund the state primaries?
  2. MR. SPIVA: Uhm, you mean literally, the mechanics of the primaries, your Honor, the…

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