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Exclusive (libertarian) photos from Trump’s Rebellion

22 Aug

Libertarians are of two (or more) minds about Donald Trump and his candidacy.  Libertarians went to his giant event in Mobile, Alabama last night, and here are their photos.

He seems to have sapped the energy out of Rand Paul’s anti-establishment run, and if he runs as an independent he will do the same to Gary Johnson or any other Libertarian nominee, just as John Anderson did to Libertarian Ed Clark in 1980.  And he will probably elect a Clinton as Ross Perot did in 1992.

However the energy behind his supporters is broadly anti-statist, like the periodic European rebellions throughout the middle ages where peasants and farmers threatened the tax parasites of the aristocracy, culminating finally in the Magna Carta.  It doesn’t matter that they are all caught up in immigration as an issue and that libertarians favor freedom to move and travel.  In the current welfare/warfare state, illegal immigration (combined with national or real ID cards, and controls on the movement of taxpayers and citizens and people applying for legal immigration), is a scheme to repopulate the country with malleable, poor, uneducated, programmable sheeple, who will vote for bread and circuses and for the erosion of the Bill of Rights.  And have their importation be not free but subsidized, by the taxpayer.  (Sometimes Ann Coulter is actually right.)

(Photo credit:  Marcus Bowman)