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Texas Libertarian Party runs out (hot, young, Hispanic, gay) candidate for Lt. Governor

12 Dec

#Fact: AIDS/HIV medications now hundreds of dollars more under the Affordable Care Act. If Ronald Reagan is remembered for never saying the word ‘AIDS,’ history should remember Barack Obama for making these drugs cost prohibitive to those who need them. This terrible encroachment of our liberties under the Constitution creates a life or death situation for our neighbors who are afflicted with this terrible disease.

I support the platform of NULLIFICATION for the Affordable Care Act, and in my capacity as Lieutenant Governor, will make that law void in the State of Texas with the help of the Texas Senate.

Support my bid: Brandon De Hoyos for Lt. Governor of Texas

  • Brandon de Hoyos

    Brandon de Hoyos

    My name is Brandon de Hoyos, and I am a candidate the Libertarian Party of Texas nominated for Lt. Governor.
    I am also a gay Texan. Wanted to say hello …

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