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Libertarians and others on last night’s GOP debate

17 Sep
I live-tweeted the debate. And now I need to write about it. But the whole thing was kind of boring. The only obvious highlights were Rand Paul shining as a reform conservative on criminal justice issues, and that awkward high-five between Bush and Trump which struck me as a least vaguely amusing.
Carly Fiorina didn’t do as well as I’d hoped. Chris Christie has emotional ties to 9/11, which we all knew about and sympathize with. Rubio sounds like an authoritarian who seeks to invite total-war when it comes to foreign policy, yet he’s spectacular in every other arena, especially immigration. I’m apparently a RINO who thinks Pataki owned the happy hour debate, and believes Kasich is one of the few adults in the room.
I’m annoyed by Ted Cruz’s low-talking super-serious lawyer voice. I think Rand Paul is wrong on the 14th amendment from a practical standpoint. I find Huckabee utterly terrifying on every single possible level. Apparently Rick Satorum and Lindsey Graham still exist, and they’re both insane on foreign policy, but at least Graham called Santorum out for essentially being Bernie Sanders on immigration. Oh, and Ben Carson is baller for taking on vaccine truthers, but I’m still not sure why he’s running for President.
TL;DR: I’m a moderate libertarian who literally hates everybody.
Tonight the GOP has a Presidential candidate debate with a female candidate, an African American candidate and not one but 2 Hispanic candidates…and then its usual usual 7 white male candidates…but who have VERY different philosophies ranging from libertarian to evangelical… Who will the Democrats have on their stage? 4 old white people one of whom is female and all of whom reflect basically the same ilberal, more or less, socialist approach to government.. But the media will attack the GOP for not being diverse…wanna bet?
Can we please talk about the fact that JEB Bush, generally considered the Republican front runner, openly discussed smoking marijuana as a teenager? The marijuana legalization movement has moved so fast, it’s kind of incredible.

In what seemed like the longest debate since the Lincoln Douglas debates in 1860,,there were many highlights and no real screw ups. The 3 plus hour debate which obviously gave CNN the largest audience since the missing airliner ,but like that story it went on way too long. There’re were winners: Carly performed like an all star and showed substance and style that will move her up in the game. Jeb Bush had a much better night than his first debate and certainly will give his multi millionaire/.billionaire supporters hope that he can carry their flag. The other establishment candidate , Gov K of Ohio showed knowledge and compassion and had great moments, and he gained some supporters. There is a nice guy quality to the good Doctor Carson. He reinforced that 

and he would definitely be my brain surgeon if I need one. I see why people like and respect him.
Senator Rubio is articulate, knowledgeable and great on his feet and speaks with passion at all times.
Huckabee who got blanked in the first half of the debate had great answers when called upon but didn’t expand his religious base. Christie , Paul , Walker were all ok but didn’t cause anyone to say I am switching , my choice. The leading contender did his Trump act.
Entertaining, at times funny and always quick on his feet, he seemed dismissed by the substance displayed by others. He did not lose his place at the top of the pyramid but made no new converts tonight.
The jr varsity debate was the end game for the four on that stage who will not move to the big table. 
All in all a good debate. It could have been a great 90 min debate instead of three hours. I don’t blame CNN who was selling commercials at 10 times there normal rate. I blame the RNC who as the co sponsor should have stepped in and said your damaging my brand and my candidates. That would have taken leadership!

Another female presidential candidate tosses her bonnet into the ring

4 Jun

Will seek the Libertarian Nomination for President, 2016
I am deeply humbled and honored by so many friends with their faith, support and urging, that I have decided to enter the race for the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination in 2016 as of this date, June 3rd, 2015.
I am in the middle of coordinating with 4 different interview requests and once they have been done, I will post links to articles and videos. I am especially excited to be on the “Polly & Gordon” radio show broadcast from New Zealand.
I am also humbled and honored to announce that my campaign manager is: Todd Andrew Barnett; host of “Liberty Cap Talk Live” radio show; another very dear, supportive, long time friend.
For those who do not know as yet, my campaign website is: I will be maintaining it as time rolls on with updates, additional information or issues, etc. All contact information is there as well.
I look forward to the challenge of breaking the two-party system, but it can only be done with & by the people.

For, By & With the People, The People’s Voice