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Libertarian calendar for September 2015

26 Sep

September 25-29
Banned Books

Events on censorship, mainly at DC libraries

September 27
South Riding, VA
Libertarian Party of Loudoun County, VA

12:00 PM
South Riding Center
42420 Unicorn Drive
South Riding, VA 20152

September 29
Washington, D.C.

Gary Johnson filing
U.S. District Court
400 Constitution Avenue NW

The Commission on Presidential Debates lawsuit is scheduled to be filed on September 29th at 10:30 AM press interviews will be conducted by OAI attorney Bruce Fein on the steps of United States District Court for the District of Columbia, 400 Constitution Avenue NW, DC. Everyone is invited!

September 29
Arlington, VA

Protest Hillary!
6:30 pm

Hillary does a $200 per person happy hour

Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill
2424 Wilson Boulevard

September 30
Washington, D.C.

Evening Reception with Michigan Congressman Justin Amash

7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Cocktails & Hors d’oeuvres Provided
DLA Piper- 500 Eighth Street NW, Washington DC 
Host Committee
Ed Crane 
Christine Daya
Dr. Issam & Roula Daya
Jeff Frazee
Paul & Laura Jost
Matt & Terry Kibbe
Michael Ostrolenk
(to become a host, please contribute $500 or more and contact
Howie Rich
Clark Ruper 
George & Rhonda Salem 
Michael & Lauren Semeniuk 
Young Americans for 
 Liberty PAC
Contribution Levels*
Platinum Host:
$5,000 per person or couple
Gold Host:
$2,500 per person or couple
Silver Host:
$1,000 per person or couple
Bronze Host:
$500 per person or couple
General Attendee: $100 per person
Student: $50 per person


September 1-30

Libertarian challenge

How many of these tasks can you accomplish in 2015? 


(NOV 2015 CAMPAIGN) Knock on 100 doors for Joe Haynes who is running for Seminole City Council or donate $25 to his campaign 

(NOV 2015 CAMPAIGN) Knock on 100 Doors for Breanna Kirkland or donate $25 to her campaign


Gather 50 Petitions for David Leavitt who is running for State House or donate $25 to his campaign 

Gather 50 Petitions for Steve Edmonds who is running for State House or donate $25 to his campaign

Gather 50 Petitions for Ken Willey who is running for State House or donate $25 to his campaign

Gather 50 Petitions for Robert Saviola who is running for State House or donate $25 to his campaign


Gather 100 Petitions for the Legalization of Marijuana or Donate $25 to this ballot initiative

Gather 100 Petitions for the Legalization and regulation of Marijuana or donate $25 to this ballot initiative

Gather 100 Petitions for Floridians for Solar Choice or donate $25 to this ballot initiative


Schedule a meeting with your State House Representative and State Senator and ask them to support Legislation to ban the use of Red Light Cameras or donate $25 to the Liberty First Network.


Pass out 200 flyers or donate $25 to your local Libertarian county affiliate

Register 10 Libertarians or donate $25 to the Libertarian party of Florida.

Donate $25 and become a member of the National Libertarian Party

Make 100 Libertarians Survey Calls or donate $25 for the Florida Libertarian PAC


Pass out 100 FIJA flyers in front of your local courthouse or donate $25 to FIJA


Pass out 200 Flyers on Fair Debates or Donate $25 to the Our America Initiative to help with the Court case


Donate $25 to the Florida Alternative Media Outlet of your choice


Donate 5 Hours at your local soup kitchen or donate $25

Peter Goettler is the new head of Cato

30 Mar
Peter Goettler is the new head of Cato

Here is part of an email from an email from Cato:

The Cato Institute welcomes Peter Goettler, a former managing director at Barclays Capital, as its new President and CEO, effective April 1. Current CEO John Allison is retiring after more than two exemplary years on the job.
Goettler retired in 2008 as a managing director and head of Investment Banking and Debt Capital Markets, Americas, at Barclays Capital, the investment banking division of Barclays Bank, PLC. He also served as chief executive officer for the firm’s businesses in Latin America and head of Global Loans and Global Leveraged Finance. He has been a member of the Cato Institute’s board since last year and a supporter of the Institute for 15 years.

After resigning from Barclays, Goettler was elected chairman of the board for the New York City – Southern New York Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for a two year term in 2013. Peter has been a member of the board since 2008 and chaired numerous committees including the Governance and Development Committees.

“Peter brings boundless drive and enthusiasm and I look forward to our partnership in moving the chapter forward to empower people living with MS and improving their lives,” says Robin Einbinder, chapter president.

Peter’s involvement with the chapter dates back to mid-1990s. Over the years he became more involved through his participation in the fundraising event, Bike MS NYC. He is a member of the Bike MS NYC team, Barclay’s Chain Gang, which has helped raise more than $1million for the event, the largest one-day fundraising bike ride in New York City. The funds that Peter helped raise support the comprehensive programs and services the chapter provides to more than 10,000 people in the area affected by MS. Funds also support the National MS Society’s critical research initiatives, an area that Peter has a keen interest in as his wife is living with MS.

“I am honored to continue to dedicate my energy and resources to the chapter in my new role. I am committed to the mission of creating a world free of multiple sclerosis and look forward to engaging with our constituents on an even deeper level,” says Peter.
He resides in New Canaan, CT. 

The Game is Afoot…

7 Dec
A libertarian e-pen pal warns me that Randians are plotting to use Cato to convince people that the human race is more important than other concerns:

I’m surprised that you don’t appear to believe that Cato is Objectivist. 

Ever since Ed Crane bit the hand that fed Cato Institute, Cato has been becoming more and more aligned with Randian idealism. It’s no secret that the Koch brothers are Objectivists, and John Allison has even been quoted as saying he has every intention of making Cato more Objectivist. David Boaz inadvertently pointed out why this was fundamentally such a bad idea in his essay Objectivists vs Libertarianism. A political philosophy shouldn’t be attached to a way of life. Look at the clusterfuck the Republican party has become since it allowed the Christian extremists to take over. A philosophy that weighs classist hierarchy over personal freedom has no business judging who is permitted to have the right to personal liberty or freedom. 

Instead of skirting these ideals with political reasoning, Cato has turned full force into linking some sort of pseudo-scientific rationality as to why something isn’t factual. Objectivism is about intellectual conquest, of which they believe savages lack an inherent right. Hence their unflagging devotion to war, conquest or even how we should be free to destroy the environment on the basis that we’re sentient over trees or plants. Based on Objectivism, how can Man possibly be at fault since it is fundamentally within our Darwinian right to survive as the fittest entity in the first place?

I don’t believe that Objectivists are any more Libertarian than Christian Tea Partiers. Liberty isn’t convenience, it’s inherent. The Cato Institute is now a zombie voice for the Koch Brothers, and frankly it does a disservice to the Libertarian party and obscure’s the publics understanding of it. 

Libertarian calendar for July

30 Jul

July 30
Arlington, VA

Young Americans for Liberty conference
(you must rsvp at
The conference as a whole is not open to the public, just the opening night.

Spectrum Theater
1611 N. Kent St.
Arlington, VA 22209
(Rosslyn metro stop)

Wednesday July 30th
5:45pm  Doors Open
6:15pm Convention Welcome, featuring Jeff Frazee
House of Representatives Panel, featuring United States House of Representative Members
7:30pm Keynote address, featuring Senator Rand Paul

July 31
Ottowa, Canada

Milton Friedman birthday celebration

We’ll be celebrating the legacy of Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman on the 102nd anniversary of his birth. Light food and drinks will be provided. Join us at 5:30pm upstairs at The Brig (23 York Street). Space is limited, RSVP to Matt Bufton (

The Libertarian Case for Legalized Plunder

9 Dec
The Libertarian Case for Legalized Plunder is Craig Biddle’s fairly accurate characterization of Matt Zwolinki’s argument at Cato’s website for something like a negative income tax or reparations to the victims of past coercion.  This “Bleeding Heart Libertarian” idea has some traction.  In the past one had heard liberaltarians like reason editor Matt Welch (who gets more libertarian I think as each year passes, so you will have to check with him for his current beliefs) on FOX shows profess allegiance to some minimal “social safety net.”  (But then Matt Welch does go bravely preach to the whores and lepers and tax collectors, appearing on MSNBC on the Medusa Hairy Kerry show.)  But I’ve also heard it from interns and associates at the Charles Koch Institute.

I think libertarians have been unsympathetic to the BHL enterprise before, putting up with it because they wanted some place to hangout if they viewed themselves as feminists or socially liberal personally, or because as a practical matter they think engaging and persuading people in free market ideas requires attending to consequentialist arguments, not just moral ones.
I think the idea is that because the public already thinks in terms of a moral/practical dichotomy, and to engage it it is good, one must lead with consequentialist discussions. I know when I read Ayn Rand the summer after my freshman year of high school, even though I was a socialist I immediately identified with Rand’s sense of life and view of how one should live. But I wondered about how society would not even have more poverty, racism and depression, as my previous influencers at NPR and NBC had told me, if we had capitalism. I had to spend the next few years, pre Internet, buying books or using inter library loan to find Capitalism, The Unknown Ideal, and then from there find von Mises, FEE,  Hayek, Rothbard, reason, and other discussions of how economies work.
That said I think Zwolinski, even as he cast this as a Freidmanite plan of making the welfare state more efficient (dangerous since Milton brought us withholding for the same reasons), has gone just far enough to exhaust what patience libertarians, as opposed to liberaltarians, had for him.
Maybe that is why Cato published this; give him enough rope…. Or maybe they like the idea of “enlivening” their blog with a “debate,” which they do need to have, since he claims to be a libertarian.
It will be interesting to see who takes up the Biddle “challenge.”   I’m not going to elaborate an argument for individual rights there, at this time, since my own ideas about that are more or less the same as Rand’s, with a little Straussianism tossed in. It is sad that the libertarians who used to work in that area, like Eric Mack and Tibor Machan, aren’t being followed up by a new crop of people saying something interesting about rights theory.

"Jesse Walker, Black Flag Label" isn’t just a brand of whiskey marketed to libertarians anymore

6 Sep

He’s also a very nice red headed Baltimorean writer at reason magazine who has written a new book on conspiracy theories.  You can listen to him talk about it above, or RSVP at the Cato Institute website to see him live in person next Wednesday.

Conservatives of Andalusia Farm – "A Good Man is Hard to Find"

28 Jun
Libertarians of La Mancha

Over at the Weekly Standard, Cato associate and University of Chicago Law School powerhouse Richard Epstein and a co-author decry the fact that libertarians, and worse, influential libertarian Republicans, have turned on the surveillance state and its heroic battle against terrorism that saved so many lives back on 9/11.  But the authors have a problem:  You can’t get trust back, especially when your spokespeople are James Clapper, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama.  You may have to find another way to defend against terrorism.

They remind me, as statists often do, of the know-it-all grandmother in Flannery O’Connor’s short story “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” a biddy who issues non-stop stream of orders and punditry telling her son in law and daughter how to live.  Then helpfully she flags down passersby when the family care breaks down, escaped convicts, who helpfully murder the family.