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TV’s "Gotham" introduces a Mad Scientist named Gruber

6 Jan
Of course Die Hard‘s Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) was a villain long before Obamacare flak Jonathan Gruber came along.  But now Gotham, the prologue to Batman, is introducing another mad scientist, Jack Gruber.

From Bustle:

Gotham is returning with an all-new, all-Arkham Asylum episode on Jan. 5, and I’m curious to meet some of the inmates, who have the distinction of being among the very first people to be screwed over by how bad Arkham Asylum is at rehabilitation. Christopher Heyerdahl will be joining the Gotham cast as Jack Gruber, an electrical genius who will pose a huge complication for newly minted Arkham security guard Jim Gordon. SoGordon’s new assignment at Arkham Asylum won’t come without its problems. Looks like now instead of the deranged killer of the week, we’re looking a whole new formula for Gotham villains — deranged asylum patient of the week! Hey, I welcome the change, because even though the stuff on the sidelines was getting pretty great in the last few episodes, the repetition of that formula was a major drawback. 

Meanwhile, Jonathan Gruber is reportedly leaving academia and politics and going on the road with six former presidential advisers, including Paul Krugman and Robert Reich, in a new production of Snow White.