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Continuum – Occupy SyFy

19 Feb

A new SyFy show where a group of terrorists who are a blend of Christopher Dorner and Occupy, escape from 2077 where they are about to be executed, to 2013.  One policewoman is pulled along with them in the temporal backwash, and lands in present day Toronto (?) with nothing but her futuristic gun and smart suit, a leather body suit a little less cool looking than what Mrs. Peel sported in The Avengers, though equipped with built in tasers, computers, and scanners.

The political continuum in Continuum is rather narrow.  Futuristic policewomen don’t have much truck with the Bill of Rights, and seem to serve a corporate state.  The terrorists are very willing to kill innocents (including the ancestors of their future enemies) and seem to mainly oppose people who have successful careers and make money.  It’s not a bad show, except for its Newsweek level political acumen.