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Bernie, Black America, and Leftover Paranoia and Conspiracy Theories

9 Aug
As Texas libertarian activist Corie Stephens observed weeks ago “Bernie Sanders: The candidate of far-left ideologues imbued with infinite amounts of white privilege and shielded from the economic impact of their socialist fantasies.”  And Bernie Sanders campaign events, largely attended by white yuppie leftovers, are now being protested by #BlackLivesMatter activists.  (It’s kind of rich that this Sanders event is held in front of a Starbucks.)

How much this is because BLM peeps are attention whores, how much because they are upset the Democrats only have old 70 year old white candidates running, and how much because they are concrete-bound sheeple who think socialism served up by their party must focus specifically on racially inflected programs I don’t know.  Perhaps they even have some cognition that issues like police brutality or mismanaged state schools and lack of economic opportunity in urban areas have been persistent failures of the Democratic Party.

On social media, Bernie supporters and other pro-regressives are now claiming #BlackLivesMatter is funded by the Koch brothers.