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Hot Libertarian of the Week: Peter Neiger

9 Feb
I didn’t know Peter when he lived on the east coast, though I certainly noticed him (if only I were younger, and whatever gender he prefers *sigh*).  An Afghan and Iraq veteran who worked at Students for Liberty, after college in South Carolina, Peter now lives in Los Angeles and blogs at

He’s running today in his undies to raise money for children with cancer.  If you are in LA and get some pics of the streaking Peter, we will happily add them here later.
And if you’d like to help the kids, here are the links:
  • Los Angeles, CA

  • Please donate here:

    So, I’m going to participate in this years Cupid Undie Run and run around in my underwear for charity. My goal is to raise $250 and I would love some help from my great friends and network. Every dollar helps and it goes to a great cause (Children’s Tumor Foundation).

    If you are in LA and would like to run it also I’d love to be part of a little team but for now I’m going solo. Also, the highest donor gets to pick my outfit if they wish.