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Meet the South American Libertarian Student Threatened by a Brazilian Councilman

18 Aug
Every week Students for Liberty holds a webinar where all  staff and volunteers are able to learn first-hand about the exciting things that students are doing around the world and discuss anything they want about the organization.  This week SFL is inviting donors and supporters to join.
The webinar will feature:
  1. Darwin Ponge-Schmidt, Estudantes Pela Liberdade Local Coordinator, on what students can do to stand up for transportation freedom around the world. Darwin, 17 years old, was threatened and nearly assaulted by a São Paolo City Councilman for defending the people’s right to use the ride-sharing app, Uber. Darwin will tell us what happened, what he plans to do to continue fighting for transportation freedom, and what other students can learn from his experience.
  2. SFL staff members from around the world talking about what they are working on and how they can help volunteers build the student movement for liberty. Next week is SFL’s first-ever Staff Retreat, which means all of our staff will be gathered together in Washington, DC to share best practices, improve our operations, and continue building SFL at a rapid pace to build a freer future.
  3. Q&A with Alexander McCobin and everyone on staff regarding any questions people have about SFL.

If you’d like to hear about what happened from Darwin himself, learn about what SFL staff are doing around the world, or participate in the conversation about the direction of SFL, please register for the webinar here.