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David Andrew Gay for Syracuse City Council

11 Apr

About David

About David

David is a Spanish-Speaking Medical Interpreter who is also proficient in other languages, including Vietnamese and Italian.
These skills, along with over a decade living in Northside communities, make David an ideal candidate to reach the First District’s culturally diverse voter base.
David has done volunteer work for various Northside refugee resettlement organizations since 1995. For this, David is particularly known among the Vietnamese and Cuban communities of the Northside.
David has also done work as an independent baseball scout, travelling to Italy, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and Curaçao for various baseball-related projects.
Politically, David was heavily involved in the Ron Paul Presidential Campaigns, as Onondaga County Coordinator, and a National Hispanic Outreach Volunteer. As a member of the campaign’s Hispanic Outreach Team, David was charged with translating important campaign press releases and literature into Spanish.
David also had the pleasure of introducing Ron Paul to a rally of 5,000+ attendees at Cornell University in Ithaca.
David’s dedication as a volunteer has earned him the respect and loyalty of many grassroots Republicans in our hometown.
If you would like to know more about David, feel free to send him a message

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