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Dick Cheney makes me laugh. No seriously, Dick, you are a child.

24 Sep
Anyone else get a chuckle when reading the “Statement of Principles” of the Neocon “Project for a New American Century”?

Anyone else feel like you’re reading an essay written by a somewhat precocious 15 year old, looking to impress his teacher?

Reading this essay, one can almost hear a glorious anthem playing in the background. There is a juvenile-like mood of longing for militarism and battlefield glory. There is a certain grasping to escape “our old boring lives” – a need for meaning. The whole essay reeks of sophomoric certitude, and badly formed convictions.

These people are scary. They are developmentally stunted, and, in my opinion, not fully mature adults. They need to be rejected politically, and personally. They need to be deprived of the “greatness” to which they aspire.