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Diversity at the LP national convention – Arvin Vohra narrowly elected vice chair of Libertarian National Committee

30 Jun

Arvin Vohra was narrowly elected to be the vice chair of the Libertarian National Committee, in a 49%/48% tie with Sam Goldstein.  Vohra, who currently serves on the LNC, is a Maryland Congressional candidate and owns a tutoring and test preparation firm in Bethesda, MD.  Mr. Vohra has been active in social media for the LP and finding volunteer workers for the national office.

Vohra is the first Asian vice chair elected in the party’s 40 year history.
Vohra was endorsed by newly elected chair Nicholas Sarwark, a Denver area attorney and current member of the LNC.

A new voting system was enacted into the party bylaws and employed for the first time for the 5 at large members of the LNC, where each delegate voted on one ballot for which candidates they were willing to see on the LNC, rather than voting on each candidate separately.  The predicted result is making it much more difficult for “outlier” candidates who are passionately supported by a small group of voters to be elected.

“Starchild,” the long serving LNC member who is a San Francisco area sex worker given to androgynous and sartorially creative dress at LNC meetings and LP conventions, and known for asking “out of the box” questions at meetings and proposing populist measures like no floor fees and free attendance at conventions, lost his LNC seat.

Libertarianism and liberation pt 1

22 Feb