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Lesbian Libertarian Camille Paglia Slams ˜Fascist Culture That Punishes ˜Duck Dynasty™ Star’s Free Speech

22 Dec
Lesbian Libertarian Camille Paglia Slams ‘Fascist’ Politically Correct Culture That Punishes ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star’s Right To Free Speech

On the other hand, I wonder if Phil Robertson knows that a disproportionate share of the people preparing, selling, and consuming pate and duck confit are gay, and that he is on the receiving end of a big pink dollar?

Are you a sitting duck for A&E?

20 Dec
TMZ’s Harvey Levin points out that A&E knew about Phil Robertson’s views, since his sermons and other speeches are on YouTube.

This means they can’t be firing him for cause, since they knew about his theology before they hired him – and when they approved the GQ magazine interview with him.

So they are in violation of contract.  Their only options were to never have hired him or to not renew his contract.

This raises a further question Levin didn’t ask:  is this all a publicity stunt to get A&E and GQ a bigger audience?

  1. A&E – outrageous for suspending Phil. They knew his beliefs when they hired him..he was ON VIDEO. A&E has a litmus test on what we can say

  2. I’m gay and I don’t agree with Phil, but he has a right to his believes…it’s not hate-based…it’s religious…misdirected, but his right