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Bradley Manning Protest

27 Jul

Bradley Manning protest set

12 May
June 1st will mark the beginning of Bradley Manning’s fourth year in prison and the start of his trial. The June 1st Ft. Meade protest for Bradley Manning will be the largest action of our campaign! People across the nation (and the globe) will converge on Ft. Meade to stand up for the Army whistle-blower who risked everything to give the public real facts about our government’s wars in the middle east and foreign policy worldwide.

• 1pm Gather (Reece Road and US 175, Fort Meade, Maryland)
• 2pm March/Action
• 3pm Rally and Speak Out
Sponsored by the Bradley Manning Support Network and the national Veterans for Peace organization, with the help of Courage to Resist, and many other groups. After more than three years of imprisonment, including nine months of torture, Nobel Peace Prize nominee Bradley Manning’s trial is finally scheduled to begin June 3, 2013, at Fort Meade.

The outcome of this trial will determine whether a conscience-driven 25-year-old WikiLeaks whistle-blower spends the rest of his life in prison. Bradley believed that the American people have a right to know the truth about what our government does around the world in our name. We the People must send a message to the military prosecuting authority, and President Obama, that Bradley Manning is the kind of hero and patriot we want and our country needs.

Watch a short video featuring Bradley Manning’s voice, leaked from a recent court statement on his desire to engage American citizens in “discussions, debates and reforms” concerning U.S. foreign policy:

Pulitzer prize winning journalist and war correspondent Chris Hedges writes, “We are all Bradley Manning”:

Visit to learn more about participating in our June 1st day of action.

Interested in organizing a van or bus from your town to Ft. Meade?

Baltimore, Maryland
Leaving June 1st at 11:30 am from the 2640 Space at 2640 St. Paul Street, Baltimore.
Contact, or better yet, reserve your seat today ($10):

Washington, DC
Leaving June 1st at 11:30am from in front of Union Station, Washington, DC.
Contact, or better yet, reserve your seat today ($10):

New York City, NY
Leaving early June 1st from NYC (time and pickup location TBA).
Reserve your seat today ($20):