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What Ebola Shows Us….

17 Oct
1) Our conspiracy theorist friends fail us again:

If you wanted to have a militarized, government controlled medical system, why not import a disease that wipes out health care workers so you must conscript new ones who are all state agents…and appoint a political hack to be in charge of an infectious disease crisis.

2) If you weren’t primarily concerned with controlling PR spin:

Why not appoint someone with qualifications from the other party, maybe even Dr. Ben Carson, and let the crisis destroy their career?

Are you cold, dearie? Another study the Feds could do while playing Keystone cops with Ebola….

16 Oct

Today I biked to the office just after dawn and passed my favorite Chinese owned bagel place at 22nd and P Streets NW in Dupont Circle.  (They make a delicious bagel with creme cheese and bacon, just like in Tel Aviv.  Ask for the “number 4” which is that plus coffee and an orange juice.)

A cute-enough-to-look gay guy, thin, full head of short gray hair, sort of a Wallace Langham (an actor who is amazingly not gay, though he played Peter Thiel in The Social Network), was sitting outside in a hoodie zipped up with arms and legs crossed.

You can find discussions on line of whether male leg crossing is “gay.”  But is it really something else?

One can find lots of studies that show that gay men are neuro-endocrinologically more like women than are most men.  And one can find studies that women really are more sensitive to and uncomfortable with cold than are men.

So the research question is:  Are gay men also less comfortable with the cold?  Or more sensitive to temperature? Is this why they cross their legs, and even their arms?  Is it because they are thinner than other men?  Or because they have a more female nervous system related to temperature sensitivity?  (For years in churches and schools in cold classrooms, back when I didn’t carry a few spare pounds, I used to sit with my hands under my thighs to keep them warm.)

Recently the often fact challenged gay blog Towelrod (and where does that go?), which almost always shills for the Democratic Party establishment, lied to do a smackdown on RedState‘s Erick Erickson.  Erickson had written a blog post entitled“Fat lesbians got all the ebola dollars but blame the gop.”  I suppose it is an ambiguous title; you could think he is saying that the fat lesbians are blaming the GOP.  I read it as an injunction:  even though a silly study of obesity among lesbians received research dollars that would have better gone to an ebola vaccine, you (Democratic hacks) should blame the GOP.  It’s clearly a post that blames central planners, not gays and lesbians, for misusing tax dollars on silly research schemes instead of cures and treatments people actually want.  And Towelrod lies about that, as usual.

But I’ll play along.  I want my federal check now to begin my survey of gay and straight men on whether they think the room is too cold.  Then we will finally know if that is why we gay men like to cross our legs. or if we are just trying to show off our new Ferragamos.

Nicole Lurie: Obama’s disappearing Ebola Czar

15 Oct
Nicole Lurie: A Doctor for Her Country – Inside Penn Medicine

The formidable Mollie Hemingway has a fantastic expose of Obama’s disappearing Ebola Czarina at The Federalist.

Is it a conspiracy? Why are conspiracy theorists so lazy and incompetent?

17 Sep
I am surprised how often a perfectly good conspiracy theory could be formulated yet no one in the biz does it. Here are two:

1) The Obama regime is aiding in introducing Ebola to Americans, so there will be more sob stories to use to demand government control of medicine (sort of Fast and Furious part 2) and another wag-the-dog distraction from the other problems the regime is causing.

2) The Obama regime and the powers that be have known about the growth of ISIS and American foreign policy failures for a couple of years. They are flaking these as news stories and policy imperatives now, as we approach an election, to promulgate the meme and paradigm that we need big activist government – and surveillance and limits on the Bill of Rights – to save us in general.

(There are obvious realities that make both of these, especially #2, more complicated.  Feel free to reply or elaborate.  I am just surprised, as I am monthly, that I haven’t heard these circulated yet.  If it paid well I could totally be a conspiracy maven.)