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Gary Becker on Economic and Social Policy

24 Sep
Speaking before an audience of mainly University of Chicago alumni in the halls of the International Monetary Fund, Chicago School Nobel Laureate Gary Becker addressed education reform, human capital, immigration, and the thoughts of Austrian-ish economist Tyler Cowan:

The event left a little to be desired.  Becker’s remarks were a little nebulous and less than tart, in contradiction to what he promised in his prologue.  If you were familiar with the topics you could fill in the blanks or repair to his written works.  The questions were almost uniformly disappointing.

Becker is asked a question about Tyler Cowan’s statement on whether all the “low hanging fruit” in terms of investments in human capital have been found in the American economy, and answers a question on whether all the “low hanging fruit” in terms of economic research and PhD topics has been picked.

(This is around 35 minutes of Becker talking followed by 35 minutes of Q&A.  So until you see around 8 pieces of video loaded here it isn’t all up.  You can check the YouTube playlist Life of the Mind and see if the rest is there yet if interested.)

Job opening

13 Jul

Editorial job opening

Are you interested in becoming an editor of a prestigious journal? The founder of the American Review of Political Economy is now looking for a successor. This is not an Austrian economics journal, nor it is one solely dedicated to libertarianism, my own two major interests. Instead, while it is very much open to these perspectives and will continue to be, its pages are available, also, to other heterodox viewpoints as well as to orthodox ones. The new editor would have to undertake to be true to this long-established mission of the American Review of Political Economy.  However, I think this is altogether a good thing. It is important for us Austro libertarians not only to focus on our own interests (happily, there are now many journals that do precisely that), but also to be open to the views of others, and have a vehicle that will introduce our own viewpoints to them.
I myself have since 2008 been involved with publishing in this journal, under the splendid editorship of
Zagros Madjd-Sadjadi, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics &
Chair, Department of Economics and Finance
RJR 120-A
Winston-Salem State University