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The Discrimination Boogeyman – It’s Time to Sue Gay and Lesbian Businesses

1 Apr
It’s interesting to remember, as so called “liberals” try to flay and decapitate any dissenter to their civil rights paradigm — the civil rights industry that leaves African Americans in double digit unemployment and in de facto segregated schools (the latter profit centers where poor children of color are sold to educrat cartels in exchange for donations to Democratic Party candidates) — that the main organization that has denied employment to people for being gay is the federal government.

The Mattachine Society of Washington, D.C. continues to unearth papers related to this, that show that the main threat to gay people has always been government.  Long after Fortune 500 companies adopted gay inclusive HR policies, it was mainly the military, intelligence agencies, and government schools denying gay people jobs.

I myself took a cryptology test for the NSA in the mid-80s, passed, and received a large package to fill out for an offer of employment.  But didn’t send it back in since I was afraid I couldn’t be out and an intelligence community employee at the same time.  And thus missed out on being Edward Snowden.

Meanwhile all the people whining about laws that might allow religious people to NOT have their freedom of association violated by being forced to associate with gay weddings etc. don’t realize that these same laws, that will force everyone to associate with everyone else, at least at work, spell the end of all women’s music festivals, lesbian cruises, gay bed and breakfasts, gay bars, and the thing that people were just beginning to investigate, gay senior citizen homes and 55+ communities.  They’ve already made it impossible to run a gay real estate company or apartment building anywhere where sexual orientation is a protected class under local fair housing law, since you can’t ask or tell anything about the sexual orientation of a client, tenant, seller, or buyer.

If we are going to live in a world with no right to freedom of association (at least when we are making a living), where we sue some poor little Christian woman hundreds of thousands of dollars and into poverty and the dole because she doesn’t believe she should bake a gay wedding cake, then please straight people, sue the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, Olivia cruises and every gay motel listed in PurpleRoofs out of existence.  (I’ve actually stayed at a clothing optional Ft. Lauderdale gay B&B, a high end one with a spa and a fancy website, and seen them turn away a straight couple who had made reservations.)

Libertarian calendar for October

30 Oct
October 30
Midlothian VA

Clash of the Libertarians

Mass Meeting for the Libertarian Party of Virginia. Local Affiliates, members and volunteers around the Richmond Area are invited to come out to the Clash of the Libertarians. Enjoy some great food and beer while discussing this year’s election..

This meeting we will be planning to talk about election day, November 4, 2014.


October 30
Washington DC

The Soviet Story
Landmark Theater
10th and E Streets NW

Join us for an exclusive screening of the award-winning documentary “Soviet Story,” which tells the story of Soviet-German collaboration and explores the legacy of communist crimes. Drawing from archival material and in-depth interviews, the film looks at Ukraine’s Great Famine, the Katyn massacre of 1940, GULAG medical experiments, Soviet mass deportations, and more. The film has garnered international acclaim.
The film’s writer and director, Edvins Snore, will be present at this screening to speak about the film and its importance.
Proceeds from the event will benefit the building of the International Museum on Communism.
To learn more about the documentary, visit the ‘Soviet Story’ website
Come see the film The Economist called “the most powerful antidote yet to the sanitisation of the past. The film is gripping, audacious, uncompromising.”

Libertarian calendar for June

30 Jun
International events here.   For Libertarian Party fare go here.

June 21

International Libertarian Holiday
Edward Snowden (Birth)Day

June 30
Washington DC

Liberty Toastmasters anniversary

  • Terra Eclipse

    600 F St NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20004

Liberty Toastmasters was founded two years ago to advance the discussion of liberty through the development of oral communication and leadership skills.

To celebrate our two year anniversary, we’re having a party!

Since this falls so close to Independence Day, we’re having our own freedom fiesta. We encourage you to come decked out in red, white, and blue. Dinner will be a potluck, so please check out the sign up list below.

Whether you’re one of the founding members, just getting started, or even merely curious about what Toastmasters is in general, we hope you’ll come join us!

Edward Snowden: Here’s how we take back the Internet

7 Apr

Edward Snowden says he is targeted for assassination

27 Jan

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Soros girls gone wild!

25 Jan
This week saw not one but two attacks from leftovers on libertarian led efforts to expose NSA abuses, both warning that NSA critics were too enamored of anti-government positions and candidates, threatening to undermine the New Deal warfare-welfare state and even the federally funded jobs of the leftovers themselves.

The New Republic  ran a piece by a federally funded academentian Sean Wilencz which attacked Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald and Julian Assange for insufficient fealty to… I mean FDR. Complete with guilt by association and arm chair psychologizing dredging up the child hood traumas and Internet chats of his targets, this piece demonstrates that Princeton and other state funded disinformation and re-education centers should all be defunded immediately, with their priesthoods tossed out on the streets where they could learn to make an honest living mopping floors. A quote: ” ‘I have a Walther P22,’ he [Snowden] wrote. ‘It’s my only gun, but I love it to death.’ The Walther P22, a fairly standard handgun, is not especially fearsome, but Snowden’s affection for it hinted at some of his developing affinities.”. Which led wag Scott Beiser to observe: “Oh noes! Snowden is a closet hoplosexual!”

And two unknown concubines of the multimillionaire lobbyist Podesta brothers at their Center for American Progress fret that people are now reading the Bill of Rights all the way to the end, even the 10th Amendment, now that they have heard they have rights the federal government has been abridging.

That’s Miss Jackson, if you’re NSAty!

27 Nov
One can only wonder if this bag of (biege) Nixonian dirty tricks was really only going to be used against Muslims accused of inciting terrorism.  Who of course have no rights once so accused.

NSA planned to shame ‘radicalizers’ by revealing their porn-browsing history: report

The latest document leaked by Edward Snowden reveals the National Security Agency sought to undermine the reputations of six people, including one U.S. person, who the agency believed incited terrorist activity through social media. Two of the targets could be smeared by targeting the hypocrisy of their public statements vs. their private ‘online promiscuity.’

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The National Security Agency planned to use targets’ browsing history as a way to undermine their credibility, according to a new report.

The National Security Agency proposed smearing supposed terrorist sympathizers by publicizing their visits to porn sites, according to a new report.
The NSA document provided by Edward Snowden and released late Tuesday reveals that the agency had targeted six Muslims who could be undermined by highlighting the hypocrisy of their “personal vulnerabilities,” according to the new story in the Huffington Post.
The report does not identify the targets, who the NSA dubs “radicalizers” — people who allegedly incite terrorist activity through rhetoric.
Information that could damage the targets’ reputations includes “viewing sexually explicit material online” and “using sexually explicit persuasive language when communicating with inexperienced young girls,” the Huffington Post reported, citing the documents dated Oct. 3, 2012.
The six targets live outside the U.S., though one is classified as a “U.S. person,” meaning he is either a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and entitled to greater legal protections, according to the report.
None of the targets were accused of terrorism — rather, they allegedly inspired others by expressing “controversial ideas” through social media, the Huffington Post reported.
The information was gleaned mostly through “Sunni extremist communications,” according to the top-secret documents.
One of the targets allegedly spread the message that “non-Muslims are a threat to Islam” — a claim that could be countered by highlighting his “online promiscuity,” according to documents.
The latest disclosure from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed that the agency targeted six Muslims — including two who had tendencies for 'online promiscuity.'


The latest disclosure from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed that the agency targeted six Muslims — including two who had tendencies for ‘online promiscuity.’

The NSA said the same accusation of raunchy browsing history could be used against a “respected academic” who says that “offensive jihad is justified.”
It is unclear if the NSA actually carried out the smear campaigns, or if the agency initiated contact with the targets. Their names were redacted by the Huffington Post. The Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Agency were listed as recipients of the NSA documents.
The article was co-written by Glenn Greenwald, one of the reporters who broke the first of numerous stories on Snowden’s leaks on June 5.
Snowden, a former NSA defense contractor, is living in Russia under temporary asylum. He has been charged with violations of the U.S. Espionage Act.
The ongoing disclosures have rocked the secretive NSA and spurred a debate about the balance between national security and privacy.
Among the revelations are that the NSA collects call data on essentially all phone calls made within the U.S., that it has direct access to the servers of major Internet companies, and that it also broke into the internal data streams of companies such as Google and Yahoo.
On Tuesday the Washington Post reported that Microsoft was preparing to aggressively pursue new encryption of traffic through its servers following revelations about NSA spying.

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