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Lon Snowden’s open letter

2 Jul

Snowden’s father publishes open letter to son

In response to Snowden‘s public statement the day prior, his father, Lon Snowden, published an open letter praising his son on Tuesday, July 2nd. Lon Snowden’s lawyer, Bruce Fein, co-wrote the letter and released it on the popular document sharing website, scribd. In it, the father praises his son and lets the world know in no uncertain terms that he feels Edward Snowden did the right thing.
You are a modern day Paul Revere: summoning the American people to confront the growing danger of tyranny arid one branch government.
They let the world know that what Snowden revealed was something that the Director of National Intelligence denied when asked by a Senator.
In contrast to your actions, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper responded last March as follows to an unambiguous question raised by Senator Ron Wyden: “Does the NSAcollect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?”
Clapper testified, “No sir, it does not.” Wyden asked for clarification, and Clapper hedged: “Not wittingly, there are cases where they could inadvertently, perhaps, collect, but not wittingly.”
In regards to Snowden’s passport being revoked, leaving him in a geopolitical limbo, the letter references the United States’ own stance on such things per a SCOTUS ruling from 1958.
“The civilized nations of the world are in virtual unanimity that statelessness is not to be imposed as punishment for crime.”
The best part about this letter is that they vow to keep the fight alive, to pick up the mantle and carry on where he left off.
Irrespective of life’s vicissitudes, we will be unflagging in efforts to educate the American people about the impending ruination of the Constitution and the rule of law unless they abandon their complacency or indifference. Your actions are making our challenge easier.