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8 Aug just sent out this policy change to its local writers.  Many states and localities (Karl Dickey in south Florida, Garry Reed in Dallas) have “libertarian Examiners.” It’s easy to imagine the climate of Obama censorship created by FCC regulation of the internet and The Department of Justice subpoenas and ga orders against reason magazine and its readers being involved in this.  It will be worth measuring whether politically incorrect Examiners don’t get “whitelisted” and Hillary and Obama supporters do.

Over the past several months, has gradually put more emphasis on content quality. We’ve removed content, coached a variety of writers, and we’ve reduced the number of topics we choose to cover. Now we are really excited to take the next step and increase this important focus with you!
Effective immediately, we are implementing a standard content review process. This process will include revised guidelines that we will enforce for all content published to our website.
How does this affect you?
This new policy will affect each contributor differently. By default, contributors will be set to “review,” meaning we will look at your content prior to your work publishing live to our website. We have scheduled our staff accordingly, and will strive to review each piece of content within 30 minutes, on average.
The Whitelist Team
Many of you have shown us that writing high-quality content is second nature. Those selected for this group will be notified individually and will be a part of our whitelist team. People in this select group will continue to publish directly to the website without review. This is the group we encourage everyone to achieve and we will help guide you there.
For now, new Examiners and those who have not yet demonstrated an ability to meet our guidelines will continue to have their work reviewed until they can be switched to a non-review status. We will be regularly reviewing contributors for inclusion on the whitelist.
Content marked Newsworthy (see the guidelines here) will continue to be reviewed in the same way it had been previously before being submitted to Google News. People on the whitelist team will see their stories go directly to Google news faster.
Let’s get started!
Please review the latest version of our editorial requirements. They have been simplified, clarified and will be immediately enforced:
When you finish your article, you will either have a “Publish” button (Whitelist) or a “Submit for review” option.
Content that doesn’t meet the stated guidelines will be sent back for a rework. You will be notified via email when this happens and the reasoning behind the rework will be stated in the review section of the edit article page:
Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 11.23.23 AM.png
Once you review the notes and make the necessary updates, you will have the ability to resubmit the article for review. Please do not submit tickets concerning reworks. The reasoning behind the rework will be in the Review Status section. Simply make the edits and resubmit for review as soon as you can.
We strongly believe these changes will improve the overall quality of the site and help make a more credible and respected publication. This will also be a direct reflection on how you are perceived as a writer and we are happy to partner with you on this.
We thank you for your cooperation and hopefully, you share our enthusiasm for the future.

23 libertarian columnists launch Libertarian Party News outlet

16 Mar
23 libertarian columnists launch Libertarian Party News outlet | PRLog

Mark Wachtler, Editor Libertarian Party News
Mark Wachtler, Editor Libertarian Party News

        A coalition of libertarian news reporters announced the launch of America’s newest independent political news outlet – Libertarian Party News. Twenty-three experienced and established columnists, all self-proclaimed libertarians, have come together to help level the playing field for Libertarian candidates and to promote the cause of liberty. Independent and opposition party candidates often complain of unfair news coverage or no coverage at all. Libertarian Party News intends to change that.

        “Most independent and third party candidates are portrayed in the corporate media as aliens with five arms and three heads, if they’re covered at all,” explained Libertarian Party News founder and editor Mark Wachtler, “But then look at where the news is coming from – for-profit, multi-national corporations whose only priority is raking in ever-higher profits.”

        Speaking like a proud libertarian, Mark Wachtler goes on to share his personal feelings about the country’s two establishment parties. “After three decades of war, debt, corruption and ever-increasing American poverty, why would anyone want to be either a Republican or a Democrat anymore?” he asks, giving a glimpse of things to come from the new libertarian news outlet.

        Proudly proclaimed on the site’s home page at, the news hub considers itself the premier place for Libertarian Party news, candidates, announcements and more. An independent news outlet and not part of the party itself, the site’s sole mission is to assist the Libertarian Party, its members and candidates in getting their message of liberty to the American people.

        The home page features six national columns, including announcements from the Libertarian Party National Committee, as well as the party’s news feed. One click on the ‘States’ link in the site menu takes visitors to the goldmine that is Libertarian Party News.

        Listed in order are all 50 states and the District of Columbia. A click on any state name takes voters directly to the official website of that Libertarian Party state affiliate. Next to each state are two choices – News and Candidates. These pages feature each state’s local libertarian news and all of the Libertarian Party candidates running for office locally with details and a link to their campaign websites. Each LP state affiliate’s news feed, if they have one, is also automatically displayed on each state’s news page.

         This is where visitors will discover the site’s prized 19 local libertarian news columnists. They include long-time, libertarian reporters and young, new writers with recently established columns alike. Some consider themselves independent-libertarians, while others are staunch Libertarian Party members. But all are dedicated to giving the party, its candidates, and the cause of liberty the media exposure they’ve been denied for so long.

         While the site intends to add cities and reporters, the initial hubs and the libertarian reporters covering them include; Mike Shaner – Birmingham, Matthew Reece – Charlotte, Richard Sincere – Charlottesville, Mark Wachtler – Chicago, Garry Reed – Dallas, Andrew Curtis – Fort Worth, William Green – Hartford, Donn King – Knoxville, Tessa Dick – Los Angeles, Pierre-Alexandre Crevaux – Miami, Darell Tapp – Phoenix, Brian Irving – Raleigh, David Lloyd Sutton – Sacramento, Joel Palmer – San Antonio, Robert Taylor – San Francisco, Shane Wittig – San Jose, Paul Johnson – Scottsdale, Brian Cole – Tampa Bay, and Karl Dickey – West Palm Beach. The site’s 4 national columnists are Davi Barker, Howard Portnoy, Garry Reed, and Matthew Reece. The Editor and founder of the site is Mark Wachtler, an independent news publisher who previously launched the outlet Whiteout Press and who currently writes two political news columns for

         Speaking for the 23 columnists, writer Garry Reed commented, “Libertarian Party News will be a unique one-stop-shopping-center for libertarians.” Reed is one of the group’s two libertarian columnists pulling double-duty. Not only does he cover the local news from Dallas, he’s also one of the site’s four national correspondents. The other is Matthew Reece who authors a national column as well as covering local news in Charlotte.

         Individuals wishing to subscribe can submit their email address at Subscribers receive just one convenient weekly email. It’s FREE and readers can unsubscribe at any time. Libertarian Party News is not funded or financially backed by anyone or anything. It is a grassroots, independent media outlet supported only by its columnists, volunteers and the kindness and generosity of its readers. Vote Libertarian…for a Change!