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Notes on a research project on the failed statist model of "civil rights"

25 Jun
(This post is a stub until I remove this prefatory parenthetical remark — i.e. I am coming back and fleshing it out later.  My time is being sapped by pointless property viewings caused by the civil rights laws.)

Grad students, policy analysts, and academics should do more studies on the cost of our failed civil rights paradigm and the emergent order, individualist alternatives it displaced and eliminated.

Here is what “civil rights” meant to me this month:   under DC fair housing law there are 26 protected classes, not just age, race and sex, national origin, religion and such, but source of income, sexual orientation, appearance, political affiliation and matriculation (whether and where you are in school). So having successfully rented one house to a group of American University students I am showing other groups of students as well. No one can say they won’t accept students, even if asked up front – that would be illegal. (They do now sometimes say they won’t accept co-signers (parents) or out of boundary co-signers.)  So I take them all out in 95 degrees, use up hours of my time, make them fill out elaborate applications, in one case have them fork over a $40 credit check application fee for each prospective tenant, and then they rent to someone else or even just decline to tent to 3 or 4 unrelated grad students. So the “progressive” statist model of civil rights is really working.  How many underclass urchins could I have tutored with the time the civil rights laws make me waste?  How much more money could I have made so that the allegedly minority benefiting welfare state could have been better funded by the taxes it steals?

One can easily multiply avenues of research along these lines:  how many people of color (or other protected classes) are never hired and never given a chance or a start, who would have been, because under our current civil rights regime they are too costly as employees in that they cannot be fired, demoted, reprimanded or even not promoted, because of the risk of law suits, etc.

Diversity fascism

30 May
Most people don’t realize how pervasive the fascism spawned by anti-discrimination laws like Fair Housing go.  Under Bill Clinton, HUD Secretary Roberta Achtenberg issued a list of words realtors, lenders and others involved in the housing market were censored from saying on penalty of losing their licenses and livelihoods and being fined.  (This is what they spent their time on while causing the housing bubble that led to economic collapse.)  The list of dozens of words included such terms as “multicultural” and “bohemian,” anything that might even come close to describing the demographics of a neighborhood.  It also included any terms related to the senses or physical abilities, since it is illegal to discriminate against the differently abled.  One cannot describe a property for sale or rent in terms of its good views or its short walk to amenities.

And you can’t tell other realtors how to make an appointment with any term that might be construed as discriminatory, say against deaf mute realtors.  Here’s a notice to a realtor about a new listing from the local multiple listing system, produced by a corporation that is also subject to diversity censorship.  The offensive terms are highlighted in bold.  It is illegal to suggest that another realtor “call” you.  One assumes the word “contact” will satisfy them, though if they knew their Latin roots we might worry that that does discriminate against realtors missing digits, limbs, or nervous systems.

** Notice: Please Review Your MLS Listing for Compliance **

Your MLS listing is not in compliance with the MLS Rules and Regulations. Please take a look at this notice and update your listing. If it is not corrected by the grace date indicated, you will be assessed a fine.
The most value that MRIS can offer its subscribers is the accuracy of the data in our database; therefore data integrity is priority number one for us. We want to ensure that the data you are using from the MRIS database – and passing on to your customers – is as accurate and timely as it could possibly be. For this reason we audit listings to ensure compliance with MRIS Rules & Regulations.

Listing Details ML#: DC8093097
Address: 2100 19TH Unit 805
Notification# Notification Details
Grace Date 11:00PM: 06/05/2013
Rules & Regs.#: Article XI, Sect 21.
Violation Name: Inappropriate Direction Info
Description: The Directions field of the above listing contained impermissible information. You will see these words highlighted in red on your notice or the click here for further details link. Please remove the information to avoid fines.
Instructions: Please remove the inappropriate information. You will see these words highlighted in red on your notice or the click here for further details link.
Violation Fields:
Listing Dt: 05/29/2013 12:00:00 AM
Directions: Must call la for appointment before open house

Fair housing versus the First Amendment

5 Jun
A Boston pacifist is refusing to rent to a Veteran, on the grounds that her beliefs and his are too different for them to enter into contractual relations.

And she is right.

People should not be forced to associate with others except when they are willing to.  Desire for profit (including rental income) should be the tool that dissolves irrational prejudices.  It won’t dissolve everyone’s in every case, and that’s OK.

In D.C. and adjacent Mongomery County, Maryland, where federal bureaucrats and lobbyists are the bulk of the voters, and certainly of the campaign donors, fair housing law includes over twenty categories including personal appearance, source of income, political affiliation, and sexual orientation.

So if a Nazi or a KKK member or a Communist or a black or white supremacist wanted to be your tenants, you could not deny them because of their political affilation.

As a realtor I would say some years 20% to 40% of my clients are gay, usually gay and lesbian socialists, in many cases people who run gay and lesbian and other “progressive” political groups.  At least one of these, aiming to buy a house with her partner and raise a child, would always ask me if there were any gays or lesbians on the blocks they looked at.

In violation of my First Amendment protected right to free speech it was illegal for me to answer that question.  Because commercial speech does not deserve First Amendment protection, and so fair housing laws have been interpreted to violate the First Amendment.  When I told my client I could answer that question when we looked at property in Virginia (where fair housing law covers fewer categories, only age, race, religion and a few others), my lesbian socialist friend and client said “Oh but you can tell me!  That law is meant to protect me!”  Though what it says is that I can provide no information about anyone’s sexual orientation.

Boston Landlady Refuses to Rent to Veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan Wars