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Ted Cruz filibuster, in case you haven’t heard

24 Sep
Capitol Hill phones are jammed and melting down this afternoon.

You can help.
Call “your” Senator at (202) 224-3121.

Then watch it here:

Live streaming video by Ustream


You need to get on the phone right now.

Ted Cruz is on the Senate floor, filibustering Harry Reid’s attempt to force ObamaCare on America.

You can’t let him stand alone. If he is going to stop Obama’s radical health care takeover, he needs your help to defund, delay, and dismantle ObamaCare.

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The House of Representatives has already voted to Defund ObamaCare. Millions of Americans like you have spent years fighting ObamaCare. We can’t quit now.

Ted Cruz isn’t filibustering just to stop ObamaCare. He is standing with America against the DC Establishment.

He needs you to call your Senator. Right Now. Tell them: Defund, Delay, Dismantle ObamaCare!

Bruce, Obama and Harry Reid want nothing more than to force ObamaCare on our country.
Ted Cruz is the only one standing between them and us. Don’t make him do it alone.
Call Now – we don’t have much time left to make a difference.
In Liberty,
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Matt Kibbe
President and CEO, FreedomWorks
P.S. Forward this message to 10 of your friends right now. We all need to join the fight.

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