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Another Obama zombie puckers up to kiss the NSA’s deepest, darkest, most secret inner recesses

2 Jul
Charles Johnson is the producer of the blog Little Green Footballs, that makes Rachel Maddow look like a crack researcher.  I don’t really ever read it.  He piled on and attacked my Tea Party Guide several years ago with the usual fabrications (a fake map etc.) and when I responded on his blog he eventually gave up debating me and censored me from posting there.  He wanted to trash me personally and also not allow me to respond.  Today he is bemoaning the fact that civil libertarians on the left are cooperating with limited government civil libertarians.

Wonder if his masters in the tax predator ruling class will give him an extra ration tonight in his pen?

The Glenn Greenwald-Fox News Convergence

A revealing convergence of agendas
Wingnuts • 11 hours, 48 minutes ago • Views: 5,134
Coming up tomorrow on the most amazingly stupid right wing TV show that has ever existed:
ALERT! I have exclusive interview w/ @GGreenwald the journalist who first broke the Snowden/NSA leaks. Fox&Friends 7:20a Tmrw
I’m so happy to see Glenn Greenwald giving Fox News viewers more reasons to hate Barack Obama. It’s a revealing convergence of far left and far right agendas.


Exclusive interview with Glenn Greenwald

2 Jul
At 7:20 am on Fox and Friends Tuesday Eric Boling interviews Glenn Greenwald. Bolling had earlier had an exclusive with Lon Snowden. So far Andrew Napolitano, Tucker Carlson, Eric Bolling, Steve Doocey, and maybe Bob Beckel seem to be the only people standing up for the 4th Amendment and against the NSA on TV.  Are there others?

Edward Snowden – Burn the Heretic!

14 Jun
National Security hawks tell us if we really knew what they know we’d agree with the surveillance state.  I’ve had many a Log Cabin Republican or RINO with some military or other government job tell me this.

Brian Wilson on DC’s conservative WMAL radio just said this morning that when Presidents get their first security briefing they come out with “eyes as big as saucers.” But since the “information” is secret and not peer reiewed, undebated and uncriticized, it’s more like religion than science. They are just priests telling us what God told them in a private.

Edward Snowden in their mystical worldview is a witch or a Protestant and they want to burn him at the stake.  That’s why they’ve spent the week making up lies and smears about him.  By tomorrow he will be said to have had sexual congress with Satan.

Wagging the dog at Edward Snowden

11 Jun
A few people try to wag the dog with Edward Snowden bio questions:

Yesterday Mika Brzezinski on MsNBC and Gretchen Carlson on Fox both got almost cougary about a 29 year old daring to do something.

Several go on and on about his being a high school drop out.  My ex, who has a PhD from Oxford, dropped out of high school and just started going to college. Public schools are that bad.