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Wednesday’s recommended reading – hope, utopia, and dystopia

19 Aug

Libertarian calendar for February

17 Feb

International events here.


February 17
Lynchburg, VA

7 pm
White Hart Cafe
Main Street
February 18
Washington, DC

Masha Gessen & Joseph Huff-Hannon Book Signing

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
HRC Headquarters
1640 Rhode Island Ave. NW
Washington DC, 20036
“This project comes at a really important time. There’s nothing like putting a 
human face on the struggle for acceptance and equality. Love conquers all.”
—Greg Louganis, Olympic gold medalist

Since Russia’s  ban on “homosexual propaganda” was passed in June 2013, attacks, firings, and hate crimes have spiked across the country, and show no sign of abating. Gay Propaganda collects stories of long-term commitment, dating, and daily life, offering an intimate window into the lives of Russians persecuted for who they love.

Edited by award winning journalist and author Masha Gessen and journalist Joseph Huff-Hannon, its publication in English and Russian echoes the dissident form of samizdat – a censored publication distributed widely by grassroots activists. It includes reflections from the owners of the only gay bar in Sochi, LGBT parents, and those arrested for protesting, among others.

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February 20-23

Nashua, NH

Crowne Plaza

Liberty: Made in NH
Find out what Liberty Forum 2014 has in store! Hosted by the FSP, Liberty Forum is New Hampshire’s premier liberty-oriented conference. Over the past seven years, this hotel conference has developed a reputation for attracting world class liberty speakers to discuss pro-freedom topics, such as strategies to reduce government interference in our lives, and how to build a better society through business, the arts, volunteer work, etc.
Liberty Forum provides attendees with the opportunity to discover more about New Hampshire during the winter time. It also provides a taste of the many benefits of socializing, networking, and organizing with a dedicated group of like-minded people. Attending Liberty Forum is oftentimes the “clincher” to becoming an FSP participant.
Past Liberty Forum keynote and featured speakers have included: Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano, John Stossel, Thomas Woods, Jeffrey Tucker, Dick Heller, Peter Schiff, Cory Doctorow, and more.

Tanks as Protection Against Dangerous Libertarians

9 Aug

N.H. City Wants a “Tank” to Use Against Occupiers and Libertarians

Concord police listed the nonviolent groups as domestic terror threats in a federal grant application.

| Tue Aug. 6, 2013 
A Lenco armored police vehicle, parked near an Occupy DC camp in 2012. 
After the public release of a document in which he suggested that Occupiers and libertarians pose a domestic terror threat to Concord, New Hampshire, the city’s police chief has backed away from the claim.
In an application to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) seeking more than $250,000 to purchase an armored police vehicle, the capital city of New Hampshire specified the local branch of the Occupy movement and the Free State Project, an effort to recruit “liberty-loving people” to relocate to the Granite State, as potential sources of terrorist action.
“The State of New Hampshire’s experience with terrorism slants primarily towards the domestic type,” the filing reads. “We are fortunate that our State has not been victimized from a mass casualty event from an international terrorism strike however on the domestic front, the threat is real and here. Groups such as the Sovereign Citizens, Free Staters and Occupy New Hampshire are active and present daily challenges.”
The application was obtained by the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union (NHCLU) through a public records request, and is one ofmore than 250 filed by the American Civil Liberties Union to trackwhat it sees as the increasing militarization of police departmentsthroughout the country.
While the sovereign citizens movement has a history of racism and violence, Police Chief John Duval now says that he doesn’t actually believe the Free State Project or Occupy New Hampshire are domestic terror threats. “I wish I would have worded things different in retrospect,” he says. “I understand why their eyebrows are raised about that.” He chalks up the wording to the limitations of writing a detailed proposal in only three pages and says it was meant to refer to the “unpredictable nature of unpredictable people who attach themselves to otherwise lawful situations.”
Duval has no plans to issue a formal apology, but he has exchanged emails with Carla Gericke, president of the Free State Project, to explain his position, which he has also attempted to clarify with local reporters

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