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The Obama’s rumored to have purchased permanent D.C. residence

12 Apr
In Georgetown for a little over $16 million.  Check out the Virtual Tour.  It’s the “Williams-Addison House,” which was purchased a few years back for $6 million by Capitol City Properties LLC, and given a multi-million dollar face lift.  Capitol City had attempted to divide the parcel so they could build additional houses, but the request was denied.

The property has changed hands several times recently, often for all cash sales and with the ownership hidden in the on line tax records.  But the list of owners can be found in court documents.

Here’s the sales history:

                                                                                               List Price                          Sold At         Date

Sold 1645 31st St  $7,800,000.00
$6,500,000.00 12-May-2006

Withdrn awn 1645 31st St  $6,975,000.00

Sold 1645 31st St  $6,750,000.00
$6,200,000.00 16-May-2012

Sold 1645 31st St  $16,800,000.00
$16,100,000.00 09-Apr-2014

Here’s a video from a listing some years back:

And here is a video from only a few months ago:

Williams-Addison House – 1645 31st street from tom apples on Vimeo.

What has she done for you lately? Eleanor Holmes Norton, GSA, abandoned…

19 Jun

Congress Pressuring GSA on West Heating Plant Sale

Congressional sub-committee plans hearing June 19 at the plant
Congresss is growing impatient with the General Services Administration (GSA) over the sale of the West Heating Plant — the federal property on 29th Street just north of K Street in Georgetown — and plans a hearing in next week to urge action, according to the Washington Post
Though the GSA had hoped to hold an EBay-style auction of the property by late summer, that timeline was recently pushed back until the fall.
The Washington Post reports that the subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings and Emergency Managements, chaired by Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.), “has held hearings at the Old Post Office pavilion and the Cotton Annex to prompt action on those properties.”
Tuesday’s hearing, aptly called “Sitting on Our Assets: The Georgetown Heating Plant” will take place at the heating plant at 10 a.m. June 19.
The reason for the hearing?
“The property is another example of an underperforming building that, if sold or redeveloped, could provide a positive return to the taxpayers. While GSA is now finally in the process of selling the facility, it has been sitting vacant for 12 years,” according to a press release about the event.
The GSA first put the property on the market last October. Since that time the agency has consulted community groups and residents about the proper disposal (sale) of the land and the building
The two acre property near the Riverfront Park and adjacent to Rock Creek has attracted the attention of residents and developers alike.
In the May Citizens Association of Georgetown Newsletter, Jennifer Altemus wrote that residents are hopeful that at least some of the property might be set aside as a continuation of the Georgetown Waterfront Park. Altemus said she hoped GSA might consider making park land a part of the sale conditions.

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Evermay Plans Subject of Public Forum Thursday

23 Jan

Originally created by a grant from the King of England to a Scottish subject who immigrated to the American colonies, this property was built before the American revolution.

Evermay Plans Subject of Public Forum Thursday

The new owners of the Evermay estate have an application before the Board of Zoning Adjustment to change the use from residential to commercial.
The historic Evermay estate at 1623 28th St., NW could soon host non-profit events if the Board of Zoning Adjustment approves the new owners’ request to convert the allowed use from residential to commercial.
Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Charles Eason has organized a public forum Thursday, Jan. 26 at 6:30 PM, at the Georgetown Neighborhood Library to discuss the plans for the large property in the East Village.
Sachiko Kuno and Ryuji Ueno bought Evermay in July for $22 million and hope to use the space to host events for their S&R Foundation. According to the non-profit’s website, it’s goal is:
to recognize talented young scientists and artists for their distinguished work in fields of science and fine arts, especially those who contribute to U.S. – Japanese understanding.
According to a November article in the Georgetown Current, Evermay will reportedly not be rented out for large events like weddings, but would be host to smaller gatherings like lectures and concerts.
The owners’ attorneys have shared information with many of the surrounding neighbors about the intentions for Evermay. Other neighbors who live a little farther afield have raised concerns on the neighborhood listserv about impacts on parking during events.
Commissioner Eason has organized the public forum for Thursday in the hopes of informing a wider swath of the community (and to perhaps cut down on the time spent on Evermay during the next ANC meeting).
The BZA will consider the Evermay application Feb. 28 at 9:30 a.m.