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Tuesday recommended reading – minding your pees and queues

1 Sep

Is Ron Paul contradicting himself?

24 Oct
Remember last year when all our Ron Paul libertarian friends, including the ones in Virginia now working on the Ken Cuccinelli campaign, complained that the GOP did not let Dr. Paul speak at the convention in Tampa? Will they complain that Libertarian Robert Sarvis is kept out of the debate tonight?

  • N As a Cuccinelli supporter, I do think it’s pretty ridiculous to not let a 3rd party candidate who’s polling as well as Sarvis debate. Not gonna change my mind on voting for Ken, but hey I haven’t liked most of the campaign’s tactics over the last year.

  • K Oct 9th… he needed a 10% poll average. He failed to meet those requirements. He is also NOT libertarian and does NOT have Ron Pauls endorsement.

  • K The latest poll from yesterday had him at 10 now. Rules are rules. They make deadlines because of debate advertisement.

  • J” It certainly bothers me. I recall quite well when the major networks excluded Ron Paul in 2007/08. How can we condemn that behavior then and be okay with this now simply because he isn’t Ron Paul’s choice?

    Yes, and what if the rules stated that anyone with an “R” next to their name couldn’t be included in the debate?  Rules are important, yes, but when they exclude candidates who will be on the ballot, that to me is a problem.

    • ” N  “K” this isn’t an argument we win. The honorable thing for the Cuccinelli Campaign to do would have been to issue a statement saying they think he should be included in the debate.

    • Bruce Majors My understanding is the TV station hosting tonight said they would include him if the other two campaigns agreed to it.

      • Joshua  Yes, I read as much and also that the McAuliffe campaign agreed. Cuccinelli cannot win over Sarvis supporters if they think he is trampling on free speech. I’d be surprised if many Sarvis supporters even watch the debate.

      • John Keith  I understand he has scored higher in other polls.

      • Lendon two PRIVATE parties should not hold our great republic hostage!

      • Richard  It seems to me that the FCC rule for equal time might apply.  Yeah, I know, federal crap, but when you’re drowning I’m not sure it really makes much difference who throws you the life preserver.

      • Chris  Rules are rules…just like the ones that prevented Ron Paul delegates from casting their votes for Dr. Paul at the convention, right? Because the rules are there, we just just blindly follow them, I guess 

Rumor Mill – GOP tries to quash libertarian Republican

15 May
Joseph Farrar is a young libertarian Republican who was going to run, and may still be running, for a state Delegate seat in Virginia.  He had actually sought the Libertarian Party nomination as well initially, and then decided to run as a Republican.  This is in a northern Virginia district where the voters are all federal bureaucrats and Republicans never receive even 40% of the vote for Delegate.

The Powers that Be in the Republican Party did a background check on Farrar and discovered that years ago when he lived in Maryland, he’d been arrested for a traffic offense.  The rumor is it was something like driving with expired tags.  They have ordered him not to run and told him if he does they will run someone against him.  Farrar, an IT professional, has already held at least one well attended fundraiser in Arlington, Virginia. His fundraiser featured speakers from local groups like OathKeepers as well as opponents of the National Defense Authorization Act and the Patriot Act.  Coincidentally the local GOP is run by former George W. Bush appointees.  I haven’t asked him directly if he is dropping out.

If he does voters will have a choice between the incumbent Democrat, who appears to now have his actual residency in Richmond, Virginia, where he owns a two bedroom condo, and tax lawyer Lindsey Bolton, the Libertarian Party candidate, who just earned her LLM (masters in taxation) last week from Georgetown University Law Center.


Update: Farrar is reportedly withdrawing his paperwork and endorsing Bolton.

Deadlines for Virginia Ron Paul activists

5 Mar

See the message below..  It’s why it’s important we stay involved.  Only those who show up matter and will have a voice.

Filing deadlines are fast approaching, so here are the links again to forms and deadlines for northern Virginia:

Here are links and deadlines for filing forms for most of the units in northern Virginia:

Fairfax Filing form March 9th deadline:

Alexandria City Filing form April 4th deadline:

Loudoun Filing form April 7th deadline:

Falls Church City: March 21st deadline

Manassas City: Website not updated since 2012.

Virginia Ron Paul activists write

22 Feb

See the message below..  It’s why it’s important we stay involved.  Only those who show up matter and will have a voice.

Filing deadlines are fast approaching, so here are the links again to forms and deadlines for northern Virginia:

Here are links and deadlines for filing forms for most of the units in northern Virginia:

Prince William County Filing form February 23rd deadline:

Arlington County Filing form February 28th deadline:

Fairfax Filing form March 9th deadline:

Alexandria City Filing form April 4th deadline:

Loudoun Filing form April 7th deadline:

Falls Church City: March 21st deadline

Manassas City: Website not updated since 2012.

Wisconsin GOP purges anti-statists

24 Jan

Another Purge in Wisconsin

By Derek Ellerman on January 22, 2013 @FreedomConnector

The purge of truly limited-government activists from the Republican Party has reached new lows, as one of Wisconsin’s top activists found out.
Todd Welch, Chairman of the Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty and constitutional activist, has been “declined” membership in the Republican Party of Dunn County in Wisconsin and his dues check returned. His crime? Holding the Party accountable to its rhetoric and promises. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it is. I wrote about Speaker Boehner’s purge of conservatives from prominent committees in Congress here. 
In the recent past, serious grassroots activists were deliberately disenfranchised at the Republican National Convention in August. Dean Clancy has more about that here. Most recently, former Chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin and current Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has made an effort to court those very same disenfranchised activists. Apparently the leadership in Dunn County didn’t get the memo about Priebus’ olive branch.
I reached out to Mr. Welch about the situation and this is what he had to say: “This is about keeping the Tea Party, Grassroots, and any one that wants to hold Republican candidates accountable to Republican principles out of the party.
“Republicans did not lose in 2012 because of our ideas; we lost because of our failure to hold our candidates and politicians accountable and effectively stand up for our principle.
“To me the future looks bright for the Republican Party but only if we stand strong against what the party elite and the mainstream media are telling us.  They are telling us that we must sacrifice our principles to win.  I am here to say that it is the exact opposite of what must be done. Rather, we must stand up for our principles and force our candidates and politicians to do the same.”
Welch was sent a letter from Dunn County Chairman Richard Rust (along with his dues check) which said in part, “Your actions at the Republican National Convention, your Convention article in the Eau Claire Leader and multiple Facebook entries have not been honorable actions and have demonstrated to the Executive Board that you do not fully believe in the objectives, purposes and principles of the Republican Party.”
To the contrary, Mr. Welch has been exemplary in expressing, promoting, and enacting the actual, stated principles of the Republican Party. Rather, it is those in leadership positions at various levels of the Republican Party that have engaged in an all-out assault on the principles of constitutionally-limited government. (Remember the fiscal cliff? Bailouts? $16 trillion in debt? Tax increases for 77% of Americans?)
Instead of fighting against their base, the Republican Party would be much better served fighting President Obama, Harry Reid, and the Senate Democrats rather than holding hands with them as they spurn the grassroots and pass us the bill for endless spending. 
UPDATE: Michael S. Murphy, former chair of the Wisconsin Republican Liberty Caucus and current Chair of the Republican Party of Milwaukee County-South Branch said of the situation, “Todd Welch is a model activist for stated Republican principles and the fight against centralized government power. The Republican Party in general must stop marginalizing itself by attempting to silence it’s most effective and principled members. The grassroots are the backbone of any political organization, and without a backbone the party will not stand. I encourage all of my fellow Republicans to think seriously about attempts to marginalize certain members and the impact this will have in the future.”

Huntsman says GOP needs to be Libertarian

2 Jan

The Republican Party is leaderless and “devoid of a soul” but can rebuild 

in the wake of its election defeat if it embraces its history of supporting 

limited government, Jon Huntsman has said.

Republican party is 'devoid of a soul', says Jon Huntsman

Republican presidential candidate, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Photo: Reuters
In an interview the former Utah governor and leading 
Republican moderate said the party must accept 
“a strong dose of libertarianism” on social issues and allow 
state governments to move ahead with gay marriage.
Offering his prescription for the party’s renewal, Mr Huntsman 
said the early stages of the Republican presidential primaries
 rewarded extreme conservatives rather than “long-term 
competitive candidates” who could effectively take on the 
Barack Obama appointed the Mandarin-speaking 52-year-old US Ambassador to China in 2009, a decision the newly-elected President hoped would keep Mr Huntsman out of this year’s election.
Obama campaign aides openly acknowledged that they believed the two-term governor would be a difficult general election opponent and possibly the most dangerous Republican in the field.
He returned from Beijing in 2011 to media fanfare but his presidential bid collapsed in the early stages as he failed to connect with the conservatives that make up the Republican primary electorate.
Mr Huntsman said that his work for a Democrat president, his belief in climate change and his relatively liberal attitude on gay rights had obscured his conservative stances on budgets, gun control and abortion.
“You get caught up in a lot of the issues on which you’re easily dismissed without people giving you proper consideration,” he said.
However, the scale of Mitt Romney’s defeat in November has left the party reeling and may create a fresh opening for the socially-moderate but fiscally-conservative ideas Mr Huntsman espoused in the primary.
“The party right now is a holding company that’s devoid of a soul and it will be filled up with ideas over time and leaders will take their proper place,” he said.
Mr Huntsman urged the party to “reflect a little bit on our winning chapters” and face up to a demographic reality where white conservatives represent a shrinking portion of the electorate.
“We can’t be known as a party that’s fear-based and doesn’t believe in math,” he said. “In the end it will come down to a party that believes in opportunity for all our people, economic competitiveness and a strong dose of libertarianism.”
He said he “absolutely” supported individual states being allowed to implement gay marriage, saying that Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, believed that “equality under the law is an American value”.
Mr Huntsman did not rule out a second presidential run in 2016 but said he was not spending his time “looking for some opening that we can fit in”.
He said that the three most talked about names for the Republican nomination – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney’s former running mate Congressman Paul Ryan – “all deserve high marks individually”.
However, he declined to support any of them, saying he believed the party needed to go through “a very competitive process in terms of ideas”.
Mr Huntsman joined with a growing number of Republicans in attacking the use of “straw polls” – small-scale, unofficial voting contests among conservative activists – that gave “little blips of momentum and buzz” to far-Right primary candidates.
Both Michelle Bachmann, the Minnesota congresswoman beloved by the Tea Party, and Herman Cain, the former pizza executive, won straw polls last year but still saw their candidacies implode.
“You look back and you realize [the straw polls results are] fairly artificial and ephemeral and really don’t speak to long-term competitive candidates that can actually go the distance on the big issues of the day,” he said.
Mr Huntsman cautioned that the improving economy would put Mr Obama’s Democratic successor in a strong position for 2016 but said that eight years of incumbency would take a toll on the President’s party.
“The one thing that is as sure as the rising tomorrow is that the Democrats will become lazy and they will take their off the ball,” he said. “We will see more crony capitalism in Washington as the state grows and that’s the kind of thing Americans hate.”