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The smearing of Edward Snowden

13 Jun
The smearing of Edward Snowden as a wag the dog distraction to change the topic convinces me that his critics have no defense of the surveillance state. Yesterday Greg Gutfeld told FOX viewers we crazy Snowden supporters and NSA opponents have been saying Gutfeld is gay and Jewish in our hate mail to him. Ho hum.

Snowden we are told really only got paid $122,000 as an IT person at NSA not $200,000. Leaving aside the fact that this doesn’t refute any of Snowden’s criticisms of the surveillance state, notice that the pundits are too dumb or dishonest to consider that an IT person might pick up $80,000 on the side as a web developer or consultant.

Likewise belittling Snowden for being 29 (as FOX’s Gretchen Carlson and MSNBC’s Mika Brzeninski – shouldn’t she recuse herself from covering national security topics given who her dad is? – did  in stereo one morning this week) for not working with NSA (as a contract employee through Booze Allen Hamilton) for very long, for not having a formal education at government approved schools, or for having a girlfriend who is an exotic dancer, don’t refute his critique. They make it worse. The government classifies too much information and then lets too many people have access to it, including 29 year old contractor employees.

Finally, the charge that Snowden is foreign agent simply because he chose to fly from Hawaii to Hong Kong, a rather direct flight one suspects when you are trying to escape the clutches of the Obama regime, is just laughable and discredits completely anyone who says it. What’s next? Scapegoating any American who is a Jew, Arab-American, Asian, etc.?

Leftovers have told us they believe in liberty because even though they would force us to work to pay for their programs over half our lives they’d let us have abortions and any kind of sex. Now people on the right like Greg Gutfeld and John Bolton tell us they believe in liberty because they’d let us say or worship as we wish, and even cut our taxes, but they can listen to and record all our calls and email and make us disappear in the night if someone says it is needed for national security.

No thank you.

Wagging the dog at Edward Snowden

11 Jun
A few people try to wag the dog with Edward Snowden bio questions:

Yesterday Mika Brzezinski on MsNBC and Gretchen Carlson on Fox both got almost cougary about a 29 year old daring to do something.

Several go on and on about his being a high school drop out.  My ex, who has a PhD from Oxford, dropped out of high school and just started going to college. Public schools are that bad.