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On tortured reasoning

11 Dec
A note for liberaltarians on the politically motivated and timed release of the Congressional hearings on the CIA:

“Do you seriously think torturing people is funny?”

No but I don’t think water boarding is torture.

I think torture is something that leaves permanent physical, or perhaps mental, damage. Not pain or emotional distress. And it doesn’t matter if the UN or national governments or treaties have some other definition.
I think that’s why they have to use equivocal phrases like enhanced interrogation techniques – it’s not actually torture. Loud music and sleep deprivation aren’t torture. If these people were innocents or not captured on a battlefield then even detaining them would be a crime. But they are part of a terrorist cell, so detaining them and playing loud music at them is not criminal if they are guilty.
So if you liberaltarians want me to take you seriously you have to do two things: 1) don’t complain that bloodthirsty savage Islamofascists are being made uncomfortable, complain only that you want them to be tried first; and 2) denounce the retarded Obamanoid and leftover memes that go on and on about the terrible torture of these bastards while overlooking Obama drones that kill suspected terrorists instead of detaining them and “torturing” them, drones that also kill entire families, wedding parties, bazaars etc of innocent people near them.
I hear statistics often on what high percentages of those released have returned to working with terrorist groups. I understand some of them may be attracted to those groups because their experience with the U.S. military has made them anti-imperialist. If they join groups that behead humanitarian aid workers I feel nothing for them, even with that explanation.
Virtually all “progressive” memes on this overlook Obama droning even when the question is put to them as it was at yesterday’s White House press conference. Additionally, to the charge that some innocents have been “renditioned,” which would be horrific, I would ask if legal and penal systems should be scrapped (as opposed to reformed) because sometimes an innocent person is convicted. And also if not having interrogation means the regime uses drones instead and kills more innocent people than it would if it instead detained and interrogated its targets.

By the way, one curious aspect of the allegation that numerous detainees were innocent and not part of terrorist groups originally, even if they joined them after being released – why have so few of them appeared in interviews after release on MSNBC, Al Jazeera, or RT describing their ordeal?