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Obamacare website Bait and Switch

14 Oct
An Internet correspondent writes

By the way, there is a reason why the site sucks and is slow. It was designed to not give you rate information until after you enter all your personal information. Why on earth would Obama do that? ( tells you what a product costs, and does not force you to enter your credit card information just to see the price!)

Here’s the problem faced by Obama: If people go to the web site and see premiums of $500 per month they will freak out and never return to the site. But if poor people enter their personal data, including salary information, the web site calculates the taxpayer-funded subsidy before displaying the premium. As a result, the poor person will see that his premium might be $30 per month, rather than $500. He is happy and signs up. Presto! Another Democrat-for-life voter who is dependent on the federal government for survival!

Now, the people who will get no subsidies or who will get limited subsidies use the site and, after getting their premium information, get pissed off and log off the system. Obama doesn’t care about them, because they will either cave in and buy the overpriced insurance or pay the tax penalty and do without insurance.

This is more evidence that Obama is a Chicago street thug. He doesn’t give a damn about whether people have health insurance; his only interest is making more people dependent on government.