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Politically Incorrect Gay Pride March in Sweden Today

29 Jul
Anti-immigration groups organized a gay pride match through Swedish neighborhoods that are over 70% Moslem today.  Reportedly gay pride marches that normally go through neighborhoods that are only 30% Moslem in urban areas are sometimes pelted with rocks.

Today’s march was reportedly uneventful.

Open Borders I

16 Dec

(This is in five 10 minute segments.  They are all on YouTube and I might even manage to upload them here later.)

Sean Haugh Libertarian for US Senate 2014 – On Immigration

14 Jul

Immigration, the Constitution, and Liberty The Future of Freedom Foundation

9 Jul
Immigration, the Constitution, and Liberty The Future of Freedom Foundation

Libertarians are of course writing a lot on this issue, with work on the economic benefits of free immigration by Alex Nowrasteh at CATO and on the right to freedom of movement by Sheldon Richman at FEE.

I disagree with them that the picture is so simply and will be writing about it this week.

Check your privilege, white boy?

21 Jun
A politically incorrect gay friend (of color), Aaron Matthew Amwine, asks the following on FaceBook:

Just asking: This is what I don’t get…we have trannies who say they don’t want to be the way they were born and that’s celebrated…we aren’t bound by our genetics. But on the other hand, any gay man that decides he does not want to be gay and be bound by his genetics, that’s horrible self hate. Why aren’t people who want to change genders also labeled as people with self hatred?

Of course boys who want to be girls and girls who want to be boys are simply fighting through the oppressive socialization of patriarchal heteronormativity while gays who don’t want to be gays are oppressed by the false consciousness of repressive conservative Christianity.  Catechism and ritual are very comforting, unlike thinking or questioning or uncertainty.

Last night I was at a libertarian birthday party where there were many “progressive” friends of the libertarian and his truly lovely liberal spouse.  One insisted that DC was being wrecked by gentrification and wanted there to be some plan or control to prevent people from moving to and changing neighborhoods, at least “too” rapidly.  (Leaving aside that DC is being gentrified because the federal government imports a thousand lawyers, lobbyists and bureaucrats – at 6 figure salaries – monthly to DC, and severely regulates and restricts increasing the supply of housing, forbidding the erection of apartment buildings over 10 stories.)

I asked the obvious questions about whether Jews should be free to move to the Middle East, or Central Americans to the United States.  That was different of course, because they don’t have “privilege.”  If you have money or education etc. then your choices and freedom of movement should be regulated.  If you don’t have them you should be free to move.  That’s apparently equal opportunity.

Gary Becker on Economic and Social Policy

24 Sep
Speaking before an audience of mainly University of Chicago alumni in the halls of the International Monetary Fund, Chicago School Nobel Laureate Gary Becker addressed education reform, human capital, immigration, and the thoughts of Austrian-ish economist Tyler Cowan:

The event left a little to be desired.  Becker’s remarks were a little nebulous and less than tart, in contradiction to what he promised in his prologue.  If you were familiar with the topics you could fill in the blanks or repair to his written works.  The questions were almost uniformly disappointing.

Becker is asked a question about Tyler Cowan’s statement on whether all the “low hanging fruit” in terms of investments in human capital have been found in the American economy, and answers a question on whether all the “low hanging fruit” in terms of economic research and PhD topics has been picked.

(This is around 35 minutes of Becker talking followed by 35 minutes of Q&A.  So until you see around 8 pieces of video loaded here it isn’t all up.  You can check the YouTube playlist Life of the Mind and see if the rest is there yet if interested.)

Alvaro Vargas Llosa on BookTV tonight

7 Jul
Alvaro Vargas Llosa to Be Featured on BookTVto Discuss Immigration Reform, Sunday, July 7th

Buy Now!

Dear Bruce,

Please set your DVRs or tune in Sunday, July 7th at 7:30 pm ET(4:30 pm PDT) when our Senior Fellow Alvaro Vargas Llosaspeaks on C-SPAN2’s BookTV regarding his acclaimed, new Independent Institute book, Global Crossings: Immigration, Civilization and America, and the future of immigration reform in Congress. He discusses why people risk their lives to move to foreign lands and compares migration trends, costs and benefits over the past decades. Commentary is provided by Alex Nowrasteh, Immigration Policy Analyst at the Cato Institute, where this event was held.

Sunday, July 7th
C-SPAN2’s BookTV
7:30 pm ET/4:30 pm PDT

In Global Crossings, Alvaro Vargas Llosa cuts through the jungle of myth, falsehood and misrepresentation that dominate the immigration debate, clarifying the causes and consequences of human migration.

The book first looks at the immigrant experience, which connects the present to the past, and America to the rest of the world, and explores who migrants are and why they move. The conduct of immigrants today is no different than that of immigrants in the past. And contrary to popular claims, the patterns of contemporary migration do not differ fundamentally from those in the past.

Global Crossings is available for purchase TODAY. Order NOW!

“This compelling book is a must read for anyone on the vital yet contentious issue of immigration.”
Daniel L. McFadden, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences

“Alvaro Vargas Llosa’s timing is as superb as his book, which lands smack in the middle of a feverish Washington debate over America’s most recent arrivals.”
Wall Street Journal
“What motivates people to go from one country to another? Alvaro Vargas Llosa responds to this vital question in his new book Global Crossings. He leads us on a valuable tour of immigration throughout the world and then focuses on aspects of the history of immigration in the U.S.”
Vicente Fox, former President, Republic of Mexico