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Presidential straw poll fail – Students for Liberty 2016

28 Feb
Students for Liberty held a straw poll where anyone could vote on the internet for a favored presidential candidate.

Taking a page from libertarian clicktivists themselves, Trump supporters, among others, started voting before the 9th annual international Students for Liberty conference began, with a result that Trump was in the lead.

ISFLC2016 organizers then deleted all the votes and reset the poll to begin when the conference began this Friday evening (in Washington, D.C.) and end today at noon as the conference ended.

Outsiders continued to vote and the results were:  Governor Gary Johnson 3rd, former FOX Business assistant producer Austin Petersen 2nd, and Senator Ted Cruz winning first place.

At other points in the convention at happy hours and informal events, the minority of older (40+) libertarians in attendance had post mortems of the Rand Paul campaign, concluding that Rand’s campaign was done in primarily by a lack of funding, in part because the Koch brothers, insulated by a bubble of long term senescent toadies, refused to donate significantly to the pro-Paul PACs or urge their donor network to do so, and in part, as one non-student libertarian opined, because Rand Paul can sometimes be a “thin skinned little bitch.”