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Another immigration debate

15 Jul
Robert Spencer, a critic of Islamic theocracies and those who are not critical of them, is being denied the right to travel to Britain, since his opinions are viewed as hate speech.

I met him at CPAC2013 this year, in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and told him I enjoy his writing though I am more libertarian that he is.  His reply was that he is a libertarian.  I don’t know if he meant it in the John Bolton/Ann Coulter sense of claiming to be more libertarian than libertarians, or if he meant he was the genuine article — I haven’t read him closely or extensively enough to know.  But as long as Islamic theocrats are lynching gay teens (beheading Jews, beating women, raping Asians who practice eastern religions, stealing from Coptic Christians, and oppressing a billion Muslim serfs) I have to like the critics of this, especially when some libertarians turn a blind eye.

Here’s a fundraising letter from David Horowitz, whose group does often go kookie on the subjects of libertarians and Ron Paul, fantasizing an anti-Semite under every bed:

Dear Bruce,

Call us naïve, but we here at the Freedom Center like to think that the truth is invincible. We believe that if we can reach enough people with our message, America and the West will prevail in clash of civilizations against the terrorists who want to destroy us and everything we stand for.

But we also know that the other side not only has our country and its people in its crosshairs but the truth itself, and that its terror war is based on the conviction that the truth can not only be bent but broken.

We got proof of the ongoing assault against the truth last week when our own Robert Spencer, authoritative voice on FrontPageMagazine and editor of JihadWatch, received a letter from the British Home Office notifying him that he would not be allowed to enter England. “Your presence here is not conducive to the public good,” the letter said. Robert’s colleague Pamela Geller got the same message.

Why had Spencer and Geller scheduled a trip to England? To lay a wreath at a memorial service for British soldier Lee Rigby, who was beheaded by a pair Islamic jihadists on a London street on May 22. They planned to join people from all over England who also saw this horrific act as another skirmish in the ongoing war against the West, not just an act of criminal barbarity.

That has been Robert’s message since 9/11: Islam mandates warfare against unbelievers.Lee Rigby happened to be targeted because he had served with the British forces in Afghanistan. But anyone who stands against the steady advance of sharia is also at risk. Robert’s point in several bestselling books about Islamic extremism has never varied: we are all involved in this war, whether we wear a uniform or not.

Robert has been silenced by the Home Office because it wants to appease its Islamists and prevent further incidents like the one that took Lee Rigby’s life. He has also been silenced on campuses here at home by the unholy alliance between the left and our own homegrown jihadis who have successfully claimed that any criticisms of the nature and goals of Islam is actually a hate crime, “Islamophobia,” in disguise. Robert has been personally slandered on twitter and online; he has been the subject of numerous fatwas by mullahs at home and abroad. His enemies—and ours—will do anything to shut him up.

But the Freedom Center is not going to let that happen. We are defending Robert not simply because he is a courageous intellectual whose work is ammunition in the war of civilizations we must fight. We defend him because doing so is who we are. We know that if he is silenced the Freedom Center itself is being silenced. If he is prevented from delivering his message, we too will have been bound and gagged and unable to pursue our mission of confronting the enemies of freedom at home and abroad.

That is why the Freedom Center is fighting back, both in the court of public opinion and in the actual court room when we have to. We are establishing a Jihad Defense Fund. We will draw on it to hire a legal team that will draft a response to the British government challenging its ban against Robert and demand a hearing on that foolish decision. We will also use this Fund to fight back against the leftists and jihadis here in America who have used twitter and the other social media to launch vile personal accusations against Robert as a way of getting his speaking appearances cancelled and convincing publishers not to print his work.

We have been in these trenches before and we are prepared to fight this battle again. If we allow the truth to be suffocated, the lie will rule us. We cannot allow that to happen.

Please support our Jihad Defense Fund. Please help us prevent Robert Spencer from being silenced. I ask you to make a contribution today of $25, $50, $100 or even more to help us in this effort. We need to raise $50,000 to ensure that we can fight this battle and get ready for the ones ahead.

If you make a donation today and I send you a copy of Robert’s Politically Incorrect Guide to Islamso that you can see the vital truths you are helping to keep from being silenced.

Thank you for everything you do in support of the Freedom Center’s work, and Robert Spencer’s brave work at JihadWatch.


David Horowitz
President & Founder