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U.N. fires Wonder Woman as soon as an Israeli actress gets the role…hmmm

20 Dec

As soon as an Israeli actress Gal Gadot appears on screen as Wonder Woman, the U.N. fires her.

U.N. fires Wonder Woman after complaints about her race, boob size and figure:

‘The character’s current iteration is that of a large breasted, white woman of impossible proportions,’ reads a U.N. petition.

Libertarians and Israel

6 Mar

Philosophically, libertarianism is something of a Jewish creation.  Though classical liberalism may have been created by Bastiat, Montesquieu, John Locke, Adam Smith, Madame Germaine de Stael, John Stuart Mill, de Tocqueville, Herbert Spencer – but also Baruch Spinoza and Moses Mendelsohn – the founding fathers and mothers of libertarianism are Jewish, at least incidentally: Milton Friedman, Ludwig Von Mises, Ayn Rand, Robert Nozick, Murray Rothbard.  Except for James Buchanan and Fredrick Hayek, the first tier of libertarian writers are all Jewish.  The second and third tiers are mainly Gentiles – Walter Williams, Mario Rizzo, Lawrence White, Peter Leeson, Sudha Shenoy, Henry Hazlitt, Jerome Tuccille, Martin Anderson, Tyler Cowan, Rose Wilder Lane, H.L. Mencken, Isabel Patterson, David Boaz, Dierdre McCloskey,  Thomas Sowell, Tom Palmer, Radley Balko, Voltarine de Cleyre, though even there a Jewish or a half-Jewish writer (David Friedman, Bryan Caplan, Jane Jacobs, Brian Doherty, Walter Block) pops up.

So it’s interesting that some libertarians and some of their critics keep trying to tie libertarianism to opposition to Israel, and in the case of their critics, anti-Semitism.  Of course, as former Rand Paul ghostwriter Jack Hunter reminds us, Congressman Ron Paul was one of the lone voices to defend Israel’s right to defend itself against an Iranian nuclear threat back in 1981.

My friend James Kirchik, a former New Republic writer, did this, in part spurred on by his discovery of the much debated “Ron Paul newsletters,” paying attention to how, when Ron Paul was a lone voice in the wilderness with few friends or followers, he was a bit promiscuous in terms of whom he would associate with.  As I’ve pointed out before I don’t think this bad judgement makes him anti-Semitic anymore than his going to a hotel room with Sacha Baron Cohen’s flamingly gay, fake Austrian TV interviewer, Bruno, makes him gay – or anti-gay.  He just has insufficient sense when it comes to hanging out with the wrong people.  It may be what motivates the anti-libertarian animus of former TNR writer Jonathan Chait, though a general obtuseness is more likely.  (Anti-Israel animus bleeding over into anti-Semitism is hardly confined to one part of the political universe; I remember being at a Human Rights Campaign fund event where a very politically active lesbian businesswoman campaigning for John Edwards told me she wished someone would just nuke Israel, since it was a tripwire for war and just complicated all of her Democratic Party political dealings.)

It’s surfaced again over at The Washington Free Beacon, which thinks Senator Rand Paul didn’t smile enough at BiBi Netanyahu’s speech, though Paul seems to have met Prime Minister Netanyahu before and shared a cordial handshake.  Over at reason, Chicago journalist Stephen Chapman says the perfect is the enemy of the good, and that Netanyahu can’t insist on a perfect disarming of the Tehran theocracy because then you will get nothing, so we must accept Obama’s mysterious black box deal.  But there are many untried Iranian policies.  What if the NSA had spent some of its resources not spying on Americans or Germans (none of which seems to prevent any murderous attacks in Europe like that at the Charlie Hebdo offices), but instead punching a hole in the cyber Iron Curtain that prevents Iranian dissidents from communicating, learning about the outside world, or having a Persian Spring?  Also, as one conservative blogger has pointed out, the criticism of Netanyahu never includes that he said anything false.

My friend, Jon Basil Utley, the publisher of The American Conservative, a paleoconservative magazine, well written and edited, with libertarian leanings, has just published a critique of the Netanyahu speech, which he has been promoting around town at conservative meetings for the past couple of days.  I’ll let you read it on your own (link at Mr. Utley’s name), but I remain unpersuaded for two major reasons and one minor one.  First, Israel is clearly more pro-liberty than any of its neighbors, and becoming more so.  Second, some of the opposition to the Netanyahu speech depends on believing that the Obama administration can be trusted in his secret dealings with Iran, a crazy and unfounded belief given everything else President Obama has done. Third, I think Governor Gary Johnson may be correct in that as we try to cut the American military empire, close bases, and shrink the defense budget, that may be easier done if we have some allies with whom we have a division of labor and exchange among defense forces in intelligence and defense provision, and Israel is such an ally.

Utley wants to paint Israel supporters as older Jews, crazed fundamentalists praying for the End Times, and greedy defense contractors.  I’m an atheist (or an apatheist) and a libertarian, even a radical libertarian. My only military employment has been working part time at a DoD library when in grad school and selling a few properties as a realtor to an Army captain. I think the anti-Israel animus is both morally wrong and even more rhetorically, strategically, and tactically wrong.

Libertarians believe in freedom of movement. Jews have just as much (indeed, at least as much) right to move to Israel – both European Jews and the overlooked Sephardic Jews (over 40% of the Israeli populace) who fled Jordan, Syria etc. where they were oppressed – as Mexicans or Irish do to move to the U.S. I’m sure in moving to Israel some Jewish Israelis violated property and other rights of some non-Jews in the area (as almost every population on earth has done, including in recent times). But that is both correctable judicially and also not as major a fact as that even if all the Jews who moved to Israel had the most pristine Lew Rockwellian politics, even if Theodore Herzl had been a Rothbardian, and early Zionists had founded Israel as an Essenic anarchocapitalist Eden, Islamic theocrats would still be trying to kill them just as they are now.  (They weren’t all friendly to their own Sephardic Jews before Zionism existed, nor were they all peaceable with Zionist immigrants before Israel was a state again.)

Israel is the only place that affords relative freedom to gays, women, Christians and other religions, and even Moslem Arabs in the Middle East. I don’t favor tax funding of foreign states, but it is the last place I would cut off. And as with the Kurds and Ukranians, I would also legalize private armament sales and donations to them.

Happy Hanukkah Advent Calendar – Our 10 Hottest Libertarian Jews

30 Dec
(Our list is for humor – and appreciation – and includes atheists, agnostics, half-Jews, and anyone else we wanted to include, who is arguably Jewish.  We aren’t promising not to do a list of hot libertarian clergy for Easter.  I’m also including Objectivists etc. because a square is a rectangle even if a rectangle isn’t always a square.  So…get your dreidels out for a game of spin the dreidel…



ליברטי .)

We have 8 days of Hanukkah…so we will be adding a hot Jew every day (before sunset), like an Advent calendar.  Nominate the remaining hot libertarian Jews.  And please, current MOTs, no Ayn Rand, Jane Jacobs, Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman.  Also feel free to nominate people for the Hanukkah 5776 list.


TV’s Andy Levy

Well, warm and cuddly anyway.  Although we found this glamour shot.  Mr. Levy is known for his cats, his dry wit on the FoxNew’s show RedEye, and his sweet little cheeks.  (He has a nice punim too.)

Brittany Leigh Sligar

Ms. Sligar, an undergraduate, blogs at Natural Folk and declares on twitterI want to abolish the government. Yay for Anarcho-Capitalism. Long live free markets!”

Jim Epstein

Mr. Epstein is a writer and video producer at reason magazine.


Angela Keaton

Sometime member of the Libertarian National Committee, Ms. Keaton works at  If you become her pen pal she will supply you with very amusing articles and humor, often about Taylor Swift or liberty movement celebrities.


Alan Gura

Mr. Gura is the chief 2nd Amendment advocate in American courts in the Heller decision and other cases.  I’d go to a shooting range with him anytime.


Michelle Minton

Newlywed Ms. Minton runs Human Achievement Happy Hour and writes for the Competitive Enterprise Institute.


Alex Epstein

A philosophy student by training, Epstein is the author of the new book,  The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels and a website on the same subject.

Ashley Rae Goldenberg

A student at George Mason University, Ms. Goldenberg wrote an admirable short defense of Israel and is a contributing editor for Liberty Without Apologies. Follow her on Twitter @Communism_Kills.


Jeremy Sapienza

Sapienza (left) is the proprietor of Cafe La Mejor in Brooklyn and an urban gardener.  Amazingly, even though a Jew and a libertarian, he has been known to blog.

Daria Kafler

Ms. Kafler is a member of Tel Aviv University Students for Liberty

On killing children

10 Jul
By Eve Demian, guest blogger

People are very stupid. 

People are so stupid that they don’t seem to recognize the most egregious of lies, even when it’s painfully clear.  Consider the following:

An Arab boy has been murdered, ostensibly by a small gang of Israeli boys/young men (ages 16 to 25).  There are now hundreds of thousands of “Palestinians”, violently rioting, in Israel, in protest of this.  The “Palestinian” people are “outraged“.  And they are rioting.  And uninhibitedly firing missiles into Israeli neighborhoods.  And people outside of Israel, demonstrating their stupidity, are “outraged” on behalf of the so-called “Palestinians”.

Well.  There are a few problems with this picture, even entirely discounting the kidnapping and murder of three Jewish teenagers, that appears to have started it.  Entirely forgetting about that “incidental” item for a moment (as Jew-haters are wont to do), let’s look at the picture and see what “epiphanies” we might find, for the stupid.

Let’s start with the obvious:  the response of the “Palestinians” to the killing of this boy, discloses the lie that Israelis have been “daily killing ‘Palestinian’ children”.  Apparently not.  Apparently, when a “Palestinian” child is killed, by Israelis, there is outrage that manifests itself in very easily discernible riots in Jerusalem.  This response by the “Palestinian” people discloses the lie they have told, for many, many years, until finally that lie has reached the breaking point of someone making it come true.  IF Jews in Israel had ever been “killing ‘Palestinian’ children every day”, THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN RIOTS IN JERUSALEM EVERY DAY.

Moving along to  –  –  the obvious:  It is asserted that the “Palestinian” people are helpless hostages of Hamas, who aren’t really involved in any of the political strife in Israel; really  –  – peaceful, cooperative people, who only wish to live in harmony with their Jewish neighbors, if only those Jews would stop repressing and assaulting them.  (And, of course – – “killing their children every day”).  And I say, “BULLSHIT”.  Take a look at the mobs, openly rioting, in Israel.  Take a look at the enthusiastic and willing agents of Hamas, plying their wares in the capital city of the Jewish homeland.  Do these people look afraid or unwilling, to you?  Why aren’t they rioting against Hamas, in Gaza?  Are there not more of them than there are Hamas members???  Apparently not.  Apparently, everyone you see, and all the numbers participating in those riots, are supporters of Hamas, and avid agents for Hamas, who do very much approveof Hamas, and aid in their activities.

Finally, the very, very obvious:  All this fuss  –  –  over an Arab boy who was burned to death?(horrible).  All this aggressive protest  –  –  by the same people who would have very eagerly put that same boy into a bomb vest and sent him to a fiery death???  The same people who would assert that they would love to have their children die this way???  The same people who would do this very thing to their children as punishment for various offenses to the “honor” of their family and/or their religion?  Yes; those people.  Using this as an excuse to cut loose and really let Jews in Israel have it.  Any excuse for a pogrom on Jews.

For all those to whom these “minor” and “obscure” points never occured: something to muse on.

Terrorists and/or Arab inciters hurling rocks at the windows as we go down the highway.
Kiran Hill if they had rockets, cocktails, AKs, etc they’d be using them right now on all the innocent people with me trying to get home. But “what are the chances, right?”
Wake up people, and welcome to the jungle – where it’s not all fun and games.
And to hell with the stupid bureaucrat somewhere who says lone soldiers like me can’t travel armed, as of yet (May change soon).
Mr. Huff, an American serving in the IDF, was a Ron Paul for President field organizer 


And an additional note from Eve Demian, responding to an internet spammer:

I give you this:  

‘This video is short, very sweet, and to the point. Two Border Patrol IDF soldiers treating kids, “Palestinian” kids, like kids. Just being nice. Did you know that Israeli soldiers can be nice? And teaching them how to be polite and say “thank you” when someone gives you something. This clip says it all.’


And may I add that this would only “shock” you(!) if you’re an idiot who believes that Jews are monsters who eat little “Palestinian” children!
Do you  –  –  understand WHY you always see gangs of roaming “Palestinian” children, unattended and running around?  WHY you see little, small “Palestinian” children playing in groups, in their neighborhoods?  (While you virtually NEVER see Jewish children in Israel this way).  Have you ever thought about this?  Someone once wrote that this showed how little concern for their children “Palestinians” have.  But I would content otherwise; I would point out that this is how SAFE “Palestinian” parents feel, in regard to their children and their whereabouts, in the presence of IDF soldiers.

Non-Interventionism and the Murder of the Young American Man in Israel

1 Jul

Three young men in Israel were murdered and their bodies were found this week in a field covered in rocks. One was an American citizen. They were not military and I doubt they were armed. They look like teens.  This occasioned the following exchange.  What do you think?

Eric Dondero

10:21 AM (22 minutes ago)

to me
hey Bruce, why are so-called “Libertarians” completely silent this morning on the biggest story of the day: 3 Israeli Teens murdered by Muslims?
What the fuck is up?  We should be all screaming in the faces of Cato, Libertarian Party national HQ, Reason, Lew Rockwell, Ron Paulists, the lot of them:
Hey you stupid fucks THIS IS WHAT NON-INTERVENTION BRINGS US: Murdered Westerners by Muslim-Nazis.  
Goddamned I’m pissed off today.  Fucking totally pissed off at the silence of people who mistakenly use the label “libertarian.”  
Please add to your Daily Favorites!

Bruce Majors <>

10:31 AM (13 minutes ago)

to Eric, .
My excuse is I just woke up this morning and have only seen it on the news.

Wouldn’t “they” say to you though that
1) the kid was not murdered in the US, but while running around in a dangerous area?
2) black kids get murdered near the National Zoo (one did a year ago anyway) because he got a job and brought a nice new leather coat and some other kids killed him for his coat at the Woodley Park metro
3) not that I am against (at all) IDF bombing actual Hamaz and Hezbollah locations, especially those with weapons, but Israel doesn’t exactly have a non-interventionist foreign policy does it?
4) Obama’s non-interventionism isn’t Gary Johnson’s.  Obama’s version is “I hate America too.  Fuck with us and our friends and allies anyway you want and I will at most talk big and incoherently, and then sell you weapons.”

CPAC Overview

17 Mar
Warning (Santorum voters!):  Adult content

As a libertarian, I always have a complicated relationship to CPAC, which I first attended in 2007 or 2008.  Mitt Romney dropped out that election cycle the day CPAC started, and the woman running Mitt Romney’s DC campaign had paid for a booth at CPAC.  She was really pissed at Mitt for dropping out, and Ron Paul was her second choice.  She offered the booth to the local Ron Paul Revolution collective, and we seized it in the name of the liberated people.

I’ve gone every year since, mainly to vote for Ron (and now Rand) Paul in straw polls and see all my libertarian FaceBook friends who I often haven’t met in person.  It’s been educational – I’ve learned that people under 40 don’t know what a mimeograph is. (As I was running that Ron Paul booth with what I had on hand, a very cute 22 year old asked me if he could have the copy of reason magazine with Ron Paul on the cover I was using as my only “banner” in my inherited booth on the wall behind me, and I told him I had been a subscriber since I was younger than he, and only a few years before that it had been a mimeographed kitchen table publication.  He looked puzzled and cocked his handsome little head.  Not to be pervy.)

So I went this year even though it was inconveniently in Prince George’s County, Maryland, at National Harbor, which apparently markets itself as being in DC.  CPAC apparently claimed they were relocating because they needed more space, but attendance as measured by straw poll voting was understandably down from the presidential race years of 2011 and 2012 (2900 people voted this year vs over 3000 those years).  The real reason for the relocation was to make it impossible for people like the Occupy protesters who showed up last year to show up this year, since the Achilleus of the center-right, Andrew Breitbart, is no longer with us to dispatch the Hadean underfae as he did in 2012 a few weeks before his passing.

That ploy, in the main, worked.  The John and Anthony Podesta sex workers from the misnamed “ThinkProgress” found CPAC as did Betsy Rothstein, the usually talented editor of FishBowl.  But not many other so-called “liberals” or leftovers.  And Ms. Rothstein, a wealthy white girl who lives in gentrifying Adams Morgan in DC and moved there after the city became 50% white, having never been in a majority black jurisdiction like Prince George’s County, amazingly reported that CPAC was in Baltimore!

The concubines at StinkRegress, taking time off from tossing the Podesta lobbyist brothers’ salads, found one kooky attendee (and you could get into lots of panels without even registering) who asked a silly question about race relations, and wrote a story implying that he was a panelist and that this minor panel was a central part of the conference.  Whores gonna ho.  What’s funny about that is that even approved MSNBC black tokens like Melinda Perry-Harris are on record as saying that a black conservative or libertarian or even moderate has a faster career advancement than a black leftover.  (Though as the grifter clan named Jackson shows us, the black leftovers who claw their way to office over the other lobsters in the pot get bigger rewards until indicted.)  And CPAC had a large number of impressive black pols, from Allan West to Mia Love to former Democrat Artur Davis speaking, and a number of twenty something young blacks who clearly intend to join them.

The Podesta dingelberries also wrote a hit piece claiming they had interviewed 10 people who all opposed gay rights.  We knew leftovers can’t do arithmetic (see Obama, Reid, Pelosi re: budgets) so it is not surprising they don’t know statistics (10 cherry picked people – you know they only asked people over 60 – out of thousands of attendees is not statistically significant, and this is why you flunked math and had to be Podesta streetwalkers).  But of course the best attended panel at CPAC this year, aside from major famous speakers like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, was the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s “Rainbow on the Right” featuring pro-gay marriage speakers from National Review, CEI, GOProud, and the non-partisan Freedom to Marry.  And Rand Paul won the straw poll, while anti-gay Rick Santorum got 8% – if CPACers really cared about stopping gay marriage, wouldn’t more than 8% have voted for standard bearer Rick Santorum?  (Also CEI was not alone –, which hosted a panel for a different group excluded by the main CPAC organizers, was going to host a gay rights panel, but CEI beat them to it.)

Last year the neo-Stalinist wannabee Reifenstahls at Talking Points Memo wrote a hit piece on gays at CPAC where they posted a kind of Twitchy version of Craigslist ads from gays looking to hook up at CPAC2012.  Looking through the ads they were all rather tame, non-freaky, non-fetish ads from 22 year old gay guys wanting to finally spend the night with someone of like mind.  Shocking!  Men in their twenties having a hormonal surge when away in a big city in a hotel with people who share many of their passions.  Unbelievable.  So this year I posted a political spoof sex ad on Craigslist (I’ve done that before for other situations), hoping to cause gnashing of leftover teeth (it’s worked before – leftovers will flag your ad if you make fun of them):

Radical libertarian would like to tie up and abuse proglodyte and leftover journalists.

Boys who look like Sally Kohn or Chris Hayes who need to be tied up, slapped around and fucked.

Also any Rick Santorum supporters in the closet or younger versions of Lindsey Graham or John McCain.

Or if you are just a decent constitutionalist type, we can have regular non-hate sex, or even a drink.

Your place

  • Location: National Harbor
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Unfortunately no leftovers bit, though several people wanted to meet me and a couple of anonymous young things sent me racy pictures (by the way Podesta quislings – there were definitely African American gays at CPAC2013, and I have the photos they sent me to prove it).

Cross posted at BigHomo.