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Separated at birth – David Gregory says all Joos look alike

24 Jun
We can see why David Gregory got confused.  Maybe his NBC handlers can just make sure the gay one wears a purple tie whenever they interview him, so Davey can keep them separate.

Or maybe it wasn’t an error.  NBC wants the government to quash all reporters, left or right, who are competitors.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Audit the IRS rally

19 Jun

A very multipartisan Washington day – I went to Grover Norquist’s center-right meeting I can say nothing about under penalty of defenestration, then stopped for lunch at Johnny’s on the Half Shell take out on the way to the Audit the IRS rally at the Capitol.

Johnny’s is under the building CNN, FOX and FreedomWorks are in, so while there I saw a still not arrested James Rosen and the internet’s Token Libertarian Girl Julie Borowski as they left for lunch, rallies, etc

Then I was in a food line with my FaceBook friend and former Howard Dean campaign chair Joe Trippi (who I’d never met) and ended joining him for lunch and getting to ask him about politics for the next two election cycles (something he does professionally as a liberal pundit for FOX). He’s very likeable for a Democrat on and off screen. 

At the Audit rally I heard Glen Beck, Rand Paul and Mike Lee, and ran into Austin Petersen and DC Libertarian Party chair Ryan Sabot.

At some point earlier, but I’m not allowed to say where, I talked to Dick Heller of Heller decision fame, and a former Libertarian candidate himself.

Tonight I’m going to something at reason magazine.  Don’t hate me because I’m a Beltway libertarian.  Buy a damn house from me so I won’t have time for this stuff.

As Obama critic journalists have their computers hacked, their cars crashed, and their phones tapped, we remember The Mysterious Death of Danny Casolaro

19 Jun
The Mysterious Death of Danny Casolaro, by David MacMichael, Re Inslaw Case at American Buddha Online Library

Died suspiciously August 8, 1991


FOX’s James Rosen and the Associated Press have had their phones tapped, CBS’s Sharyl Attkinsson has had her computers hacked, and now Rolling Stone and Los Angeles Times reporter Michael Hastings dies in a car crash, the body burned beyond recognition.