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Boycott FOX? Does it skate by just because it’s not as bad as the government mouthpiece channels?

25 Aug
It was a week of Democrats finding themselves unable to criticize racially motivated killings, hearkening back to the old KKK roots of the Democratic Party.

Con artist and grifter Jesse Jackson, whose son, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr, was just sent to prison for embezzlement of campaign funds, said he “frowned” on the feral teens who killed an Australian student attending an American college on a sports scholarship.  And now Democratic strategist Richard Fowler, on this weekend’s Justice with Judge Jeanine, has labelled one of the murderer’s tweets that he hates and wants to kill 90% of white people as “inappropriate.”

FOX has long had a policy of affirmative action for Democrats who are pretty little liars (though they are also the media berth for the one or two intellectually honest liberals who exist).  Should we boycott FOX until they take out their trash?

Here’s the autobiography of this piece of trash, who thinks he is a PR consultant (DC euphemism for unemployed) but who can’t find any word other than “inappropriate” for a murderer’s tweeted plan to engage in racially motivated killing.

Meet Richard

Up-and-coming democratic political strategist and image consultant Richard Fowler is a political action committee director, a local advocate for young professionals and middle class families, a transportation columnist and expert, a former campaign manager, and proud member of the Young Democrats of Virginia and America. 

Aside from advocating for transportation reform, Mr. Fowler’s passion is empowering young people and middle class families to get involved in the political process and make it work for them.

A native of Fort Lauderdale via Chicago, Richard began his political career at a young age when he went with his mother to vote for President Bill Clinton. After the election of Bill Clinton, Richard began his exploration into America’s political process. Soon he became a volunteer for Janet Reno in her attempt to be governor of Florida. By getting involved in the race, Richard heeded the call to advocate for everyday Americans.

Part of Richard’s vision is to create opportunity so that all Americans can work toward the “American Dream” afforded to his family. Coming from humble beginnings, Richard’s single mother is a registered nurse and instilled in him a belief in God and helping others. This promise from mother to son ingrained Richard with a passion for people.

Richard further embraced the political process by being instrumental in registering over a thousand youth voters in Florida in 2004. Richard was also a campaign manager in the District of Columbia in 2008.

A columnist for Zebra Magazine and Founder and Director of PHOENIX FREEDOM PAC, Richard is a member of the School Performance Team at the DC Public Charter School Board, former executive director of the Virginia Young Democrats Annual Conference, member of the City of Alexandria Arts Commission, member of the Young Professionals in Transportation and a Fellow at the Center for Progressive Leadership. 

Richard is a proud recipient of a Bachelor of Science in economics and a Bachelors of Arts in international affairs from the George Washington University. In addition, Richard received a Graduate Certificate in project management from Georgetown University.

Richard is the founder and director of FAR CONSTRUCTS LLC an image and grassroots messaging firm, since the firm’s inception Richard has been an invaluable resource to young candidates and a political appointments alike. His work has resulted in the election of the youngest member of the Kansas City, Missouri city council.

As a democratic strategist, political fundraiser and image consultant, Richard has been featured on Fox News Channel and various radio programs in Chicago, Atlanta and the District of Columbia. Richard is based in Alexandria, Virginia.