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Another female presidential candidate tosses her bonnet into the ring

4 Jun

Will seek the Libertarian Nomination for President, 2016
I am deeply humbled and honored by so many friends with their faith, support and urging, that I have decided to enter the race for the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination in 2016 as of this date, June 3rd, 2015.
I am in the middle of coordinating with 4 different interview requests and once they have been done, I will post links to articles and videos. I am especially excited to be on the “Polly & Gordon” radio show broadcast from New Zealand.
I am also humbled and honored to announce that my campaign manager is: Todd Andrew Barnett; host of “Liberty Cap Talk Live” radio show; another very dear, supportive, long time friend.
For those who do not know as yet, my campaign website is: I will be maintaining it as time rolls on with updates, additional information or issues, etc. All contact information is there as well.
I look forward to the challenge of breaking the two-party system, but it can only be done with & by the people.

For, By & With the People, The People’s Voice