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Ben Swann, Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray on American politics and libe…

7 Jul

Libertarian VP candidate Judge Jim Gray speaks at AU

14 Sep

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Public Event · By Ryan Sabot

4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20016

    AU Students for Liberty presents the Libertarian Party’s 2012
    vice-presidential nominee, Judge Jim Gray.

    Judge Gray will be speaking on topics ranging from marriage
    equality, marijuana legalization, and his past work in the courts
    and in politics.

    Judge Gray is a published author, has previously served as
    the presiding judge of the Supreme Court of Orange County,
    CA, and is best known for his work in marijuana legalization
    and activism against the drug war.

    An open Q&A session will follow Judge Gray’s speech.
    Light fare will be provided.