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TV Weirdness Alert

21 Oct
More for the insomniacs than the libertarians, TV, particularly the Bravo channel, is having a fascinating outbreak of weirdness that surpasses even the fascist PR gymnastics of MSNBC.

On the next Andy Cohen interview, the guest is….OPRAH!

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy had a ten year reunion, also hosted by Andy Cohen.

And best of all,  a new unscripted show, The People’s Couch, features a demographically diverse group of people watching shows like The Walking Dead and the Kardashians and reacting dramatically.  I’d love to be on this casting couch!  On the episode I saw (#3) the couch potatoes were: three gay guys (a couple and a friend?); two black ladies; a bunch of Persian singles, from another Bravo show, Shahs of Sunset; a plump white family; and lesbian comic Julie Goldman, her wife and their dog.