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Martin Moulton, Libertarian for Shadow Representative, at National School Choice Week

29 Jan
Martin Moulton, Libertarian candidate for Shadow Representative represented Libertarians at a school choice rally at Friendship Chamberlain Charter School this morning, as part of National School Choice Week, and met Kevin Chavous of Democrats for School Choice (pictured) and other parents and school choice activists.

Many Libertarians favor expanding all forms of school choice, charters, education vouchers, and education tax credits.  In DC almost half of all students have left the traditional government monopoly school system for charter schools.  DC also as a voucher program used by a smaller group of students.

Many failing government schools have lost so much of their students, who have voted with their feet and left, that these large warehouse style schools are no longer functional.  Planning for the devolution is incumbent on DC politicians.

Bullying, a popular topic among education reformers, has been empowered by the traditional government monopoly system, where a bullied student could not leave for a more welcoming environment at another school.  Allowing students and their families more choices and more control over their educations will enhance their well-being, reduce bullying, and give parents more incentive to become involved in their children’s educations.