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The Knock Out Game and Media Bias

22 Nov
The conservative new media and Fox News have spent the week covering “the Knock Out Game,” where dehumanized African American youth assault but do not rob unsuspecting victims, disproportionately Jews, and video it with their cell phones for YouTube.  These criminal copy cat hate crimes are being perpetrated in a number of cities, particularly Philadelphia.

Minus the videotaping, this has been going on for years.  It’s just that the victims were often gay.  I understand that the so called “liberal” media is incapable of discussing how its failed state schools and welfare state have created a hopeless, purposeless subculture of vicious idiots. Were conservative journalists also incapable of covering these almost monthly assaults when the victims, who usually ended up with broken jaws and cheekbones and expensive reconstructive surgery, were gay?

A typical story from 2010: 

Gregory ‘Sean’ Morris, an employee of the gay bar Cobalt, suffered a broken jaw during a mugging last month. The attack is not being treated as a hate crime. (Washington Blade photo by Michael Key)
One of two unidentified men who broke the jaw of an employee of the D.C. gay bar Cobalt during a mugging last month apparently left an insulting message on the victim’s Facebook page using his stolen cell phoneGregory “Sean” Morris, 32,said two men  attacked  and robbed him at 5 a.m. Sunday, July 25, at the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Lamont Street, N.W., as he was on his way home from work.  Morris said one of the attackers appeared to have access his Facebook page a few days after the mugging through the use of his cell phone, which was stolen during the attack. According to Morris, the person published a message written as if it came from Morris.
“I wanted to bust a nut but I can’t because my jaw hurts so bad,” he quoted the message as saying.
The only words spoken were when one assailant instructed the other to “hit me” when they realized he had regained consciousness, Morris told the Blade in a phone interview. He eventually managed to flag down a police car and was quickly taken to Howard University Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery to repair his jaw, which is now wired shut and will remain that way for eight weeks.