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Delegates elected

4 Mar

Last weekend Vieginia elected delegates in Richmond and this Saturday the Maryland Libertarians elected a not completely full slate of delegates and alternates to the national Libertarian Party nominating convention in Las Vegas in 9 weeks. The 17 Maryland LP Delegates to the Libertarian national convention, include Senatorial candidate Dean Ahmad, 5th District Congressional candidate Arvin Vohra, Tanuja Paruchuri, Bruce Majors, Mike Linder, Scott Spencer, Tim Sutton, Erin Smith, George Reynolds, Stuart Simms, Eric Blitz, Steve Soffen, Chris Doscher, and Lorenzo Gaztanaga. Alternates include Steve Boone and Darlene Nicholas.

New LP member and Gary Johnson supporter Chris Barron, who blogs at “The Real Red Barron,” is supposed to be organizing a DC LP mini convention, which we will promote here when details are known.