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Taylor Swift, Capitalist, "Shrugs It Off"

21 Dec

A libertarian activist I know, someone who has “stopped driving stick” after a recent diremption, is fascinated by Miss Taylor Swift, in part because of the persistent rumors that Swift’s immersion into the world of high fashion models has an amorous purpose.

If being tall, blond, gorgeous, self-made rich, talented, AND dating the cream of the runway were not enough, Miss Swift now seems to be dumping Kennedy boys before they drown her (as is their wont) and making hundreds of thousands off flipping real estate she buys in the Kennedy compound (pictured) while dating them.

If you have BBC America you saw a charmingly young and awkward Swift try to keep up verbally with John Cleese and others on The Graham Norton Show (arguably a better show than any American late night talk shows).

I think in a decade if someone makes a really good version of Atlas Shrugged, when Miss Swift will be in her mid-30s, they could do much worse in casting Dagny Taggart than to offer the part to Taylor Swift.