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Is the acronym for the Ron Paul Institute to be R.I.P.? (updated)

17 Jan
Ron Paul Institute: Charlie Hebdo Massacre, Like 9/11, Was a False Flag Operation | The Weekly Standard

As The Weekly Standard rightly notes this is a sad piece of conspiracy theory with no evidence for its claims.  The Standard of course fails to identify the author (Paul Craig Roberts) or point out that the piece originally appeared  at

They do manage to ask Rand Paul to take a position on it, probably the only reason they covered it.

Do they have opinions on all the writings of Midge Decter, Frank Gafny, and anyone and everyone else published in neocon land?


I was of course curious about what Ron Paul supporters would say about this.  Would they double down and construct bizarre justifications of it as a knee jerk reaction to attacks by neoconservatives and others?

So last night at one of the perpetual DC libertarian happy hours, I asked someone, a friend and good person, who has worked for Ron Paul and his organizations for years:

Me:  So what did you think of that Paul Craig Roberts article on the Ron Paul Institute website?

Ron Paul apparatchik: Awww….I think…that article…has some interesting points…at the beginning…and then made some more interesting points…and then just took a flying leap with no logic whatsoever…into conspiracy theory.

Third Person (who works for a non-Ron Paul, free market, organization): Paul Craig Roberts is crazy. It’s like he couldn’t get a job after the Reagan administration and he went crazy.

RPA:  Paul Craig Roberts and Bruce Bartlett both couldn’t keep their careers going after the Reagan  administration so they had lunch and decided to both become crazy ideologues, Roberts went with Alex Jones and Bartlett went with Paul Krugman.

TP:  But Roberts went crazier because even Alex Jones says there is no evidence Charlie Hebdo was a “false flag” operation.

RPA:  No one at The Ron Paul Institute asked my opinion before they published that piece.

Me:  Maybe the editors in Tehran didn’t call you because it was long distance?

RPA:  Tehran?  You mean Russia?  No Putin didn’t call either.

Me: Oh you mean the senior editor, not the managing editor?

The conversation then devolved further into jokes about whether the Ron Paul Institute would be publishing new shirtless photos of Putin.


P.S.  I put so called “conspiracy theory” blogs in our blog roll, if they are intresting, if they aren’t anti-Semitic, if they cover other interesting topics, if they are published abroad and offer an international perspective.  I haven’t put RPI in in part because I haven’t had time to monitor it and see if the bad outweighs the good.

Wednesday’s top libertarian Internet updates

18 Sep
1) Lew Rockwell on Facebook 

Let me get this straight. A veteran and Navy contractor, trained by the military to kill and probably on government-prescribed psychiatric drugs, enters a government facility dedicated to killing, and kills 12 people. The government warmaker-in-chief, who kills far more than 12 people a day, says this is a reason for the government to grab privately owned guns from peaceful people with no connection to the government.

2) Robert Higgs on Facebook

“A mutual friend dictated the following to me: ‘Now do you think the people are paid substantial sums of money by powerful corporate interests to promote libertarianism or are they motivated by sheer hatred of humanity.'” — Stephen Sniegoski

Well, speaking only for myself, of course, I’d say it has to be the sheer hatred of humanity, because the big bucks have been repeatedly lost in the mail for the past 45 years.

3)  BruceMajors4DC on Twitter

The idiocracy (Mika on MSNBC)  think video games cause shootings, instead of thinking mentally ill  loners are attracted to video games.