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Libertarians go retarded defending Obama refugee policies – Tuesday recommended readings

17 Nov
I am personally very sympathetic to restricting – or at least not subsidizing – Syrian refugees and other Islamic immigrants, both here and in Europe.  If you can only take so many, as must be the case, I prefer that we only take Christians (and Jews), Kurds, Yazidis, women with children, pre-teen orphans, etc.  And that we vet them to make sure they don’t have violent backgrounds or intentions.  And if you want to take in some refugees, privately, maybe you (your church etc.) should be legally liable for what they do for some initial period.

Men, etc. can be taken in as refugees by Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Gaza, etc.

Among younger libertarians taught to parrot words like “intersectionality” one hears whines about the horrors visited in America by “Islamophobes” on the poor Muslims.  One such libertarianish friend posted this:

After seeing all the anti-Muslim attacks and to the extent of how far racialized Islamophobia has gone in this society, I’m reminded — once again — of my privilege as someone who is racially ambiguous. ‪#‎AmbiguouslyMuslim‬
Since I don’t wear the hijab and I don’t “look” Muslim, I don’t hold the same fear as my friends who do. I don’t have to worry about being stabbed when someone asks me if I’m Muslim. I don’t have to worry about someone threatening to behead me and throw a metal trash can in the street of New York City. I don’t have to worry about someone shouting slurs at me while riding on the subway.

Whether you identify as Sikh, Muslim, Arab, or South Asian, please be careful in our fragile and hostile world. Your bravery and resilience inspires me.

When I told her I thought she had lost touch with reality, she provided me with three links to stories – of which I was unaware – of Muslims or Arabs being stabbed in the U.S.  Three.  The first of which said no one knew if the immigrant victim had been stabbed for his religion, or even his skin color.  As he had, like many immigrants, moved into a violent, crime ridden neighborhood.  Which makes it sound to me like gun control, not Islamophobia, killed him.

So in the interest of fairness, here are links to pro-Muslim or pro-Arab or pro-immigrant pieces, none of which address my concerns, but which at least are not totally moronic.  As I think over half of what libertarians are writing about this is.

Ms. Marvel rebooted as immigrant (The Freeman)

Do most Arabs having bombs dropped on them even know why? (reason)

A libertarian urges us to attend to American Muslims’ worries about the possible backlash – like the one that never happened after 9/11 (The Atlantic)

That’s it.  The only three articles that weren’t mainly stupid.

Here are three more from some of the same sources that have some good points, but laughably have to explain away how the Tsarnaev brothers were not refugees.  It depends on what the meaning of is “is.”  Except in this case your blue dress ends up with blood, not semen, stains.

6 reasons to welcome refugees (The Freeman)

Quantify my universal bitches – there has never been a terrorist refugee (reason)

No Syrians in Alabama (LibertyMe)

Libertarians rant on gay marriage decision; plus the comedy stylings of Bruce Majors

28 Jun
Today is a good day. You may not agree with all aspects of how it came about, but in the end, people of the same sex who love each other and want to build a life together are now afforded some of the same privileges as heterosexual couples. I fail to comprehend how anyone could think allowing gay couples to participate in the tradition of marriage somehow erodes the institution. They should be far more concerned with people like me who think marriage is an outdated concept that the government should have nothing to do with and that most people should simply enter into a non-religious contractual union between two *or more* people.

Bruce P. Majors   Lots of people were against gay marriage. Back in 2012 Obama and Osama were still homophones.

Ryan CaleyThe reason I have a half smirk on my face when I hear democrats say things like “mind your own business and quit telling other people how to live” or say “you have no right to tell other people what is right or wrong. Stay out of the bedroom” is because while I completely agree, they are the worst at minding their own business. They have no problems taking over healthcare, taking away my gun, controlling education and not supporting school choice or vouchers, want more taxes and regulations, want to take over the Internet, soak the rich, redistribute wealth, increase their power and scope at every level and use the IRS to target conservatives, want to dissent on those who disagree, ban things etc… If democrats did mind their own business and stop trying to control everything, I would take them seriously on gay marriage.

Bruce P. Majors Confused about the tortured reasoning SCOTUS used to reach the gay marriage decision? Just remember, marriage is a tax AND a penalty

Gus Spanier An observation….I have heard from conservative sources that the gay population has been vastly over estimated. If that is the case, why are these conservatives getting excited about the SCOTUS’s decision if it only effects such a small percentage of the population?

Bruce P. Majors  A guy here is demanding the right to marry two women. That’s easier now. Just find a willing married lesbian couple. It’s like shampoo and conditioner in one.

Craig Holland Dixon  Someday I’ll have explain to my grandchildren that I tried to stop the government overreach. They will be wide-eyed with amazement as I explain to them that people used to live in houses with yards– not urban cubby hole apartments, were allowed to drive their own gas powered cars, eat whatever they wanted, say offensive things without being fined or arrested, and even keep most of their paycheck!

But try as I might to get them to do so, instead of lowering my god damn taxes and reducing the size and scope of government intrusion, too many of my fellow Republicans couldn’t stop worrying about where consenting adults were putting their penises.

Bruce P. Majors Breaking – SCOTUS rules Obamacare covers treatment for penumbral emanations.

Elisheva Hannah Levin·   Some  of my better reasoned statements come out of discussions with friends. In pondering with some libertarian friends the issues surrounding the SCOTUS ruling re: gay marriage, one commentor mentioned “states’ rights.” I responded: 

States don’t have rights. Only individuals have rights.

States have powers, and they have more powers than the Feds. That said, the states agreed to the constitution, and the bill of rights is part of that document since 1791. The states have no power to violate the natural rights of individuals. The states have no power to privilege one group by allowing them a contract others may not have. 
And that said, really, neither states or localities should be issuing permission slips that limit anyone’s right to make whatever contract he or she wants. By the same token, states have no power to force individuals into a contract. 
This is why BOTH Obamacare AND marriage licenses violate individual rights. So is getting the state to force someone to bake you a cake.

Bruce P. Majors  It’s the only proven method of birth control

Robert MarshallI think soon the Democratic Party is going to enact an edict that to be gay you have to get the seal of approval from them. 

Because you know being born gay is not enough, you have to prescribe to the politics to get that float seat in the Pride parade.

Then you have to grovel at the feet of heterosexuals who changed their profile pics to rainbows to thank them for their social media activism and to be grateful for things you didn’t even want.

Mario Rizzo. Take a perfectly libertarian idea — same sex civil marriage. Then mix in the progressive mindset — if people have a legal right to do something then everyone must act as if they approve this exercise of rights. Then comes “Mother of Pearl Day School” — not a religious school but a value-laden school. “We do not want to hire people who are in same-sex marriages to teach our innocent, but ignorant, children.” What then? You know the rest of the story. Pluralistic values have no role. This is not libertarian. I guess we will have to live with this moral mess.

Bruce P. MajorsYou know all you deep fried social cons who think Lord Jesus will be sending biblical plagues against America for legalizing the freedom to marry should know I support totally your rights to make cakes, preach gospel, pray, sing, hire, fire, attend weddings, etc etc as you please. 

And when you write some stuff comparing me to pedophiles and people on heroin and people who like goats just remember that I am a tolerant, patient, open minded person who will wait for you to be all alone before I strike.

Annette AndersonOutright Libertarians
I stood up in front of our marriage rally today and told them libertarians have promoted marriage equality since 1971 and as the LGBTQ coordinator of Libertarian Party of Bexar County and as a member of Outright Libertarians, which is the LGBTQ branch of the Libertarian Party we want to welcome everyone.

Bruce P. Majors

Now that gay marriage is legal I’m launching an App for gay couples planning vacations. Merging Foursquare with Grindr, I call it Foursome.

Marc Scribner

Gays win, religionists cry, and we get some excellent Free Beacon trolling. Great day for America.

“The Supreme Court on Friday struck down state bans on same-sex marriage, bringing the United States one step closer to the freedom-loving utopia envisioned by right-leaning philanthropy baron David Koch.

Koch, who has publicly supported gay marriage since before Hillary Clinton flip-flopped on the issue, signed on to a Supreme Court brief in March urging the court to overturn same-sex marriage bans. Clinton, meanwhile, did not believe in a Constitutional right to gay marriage until April 15, 2015.
The court’s ruling is just the latest example of how the Koch brothers will be remembered as tireless champions of freedom who have consistently been on the right side of history. David Koch has donated generously to the arts and is an outspoken enemy of cancer, which has riled his critics on the anti-ballet, pro-death left. His recent donation to a New York City hospital, for example, inspired an angry protest from liberal groups. Koch-backed efforts to reform our broken immigration and criminal justice systems are currently under attack from Democratic operatives loyal to Hillary Clinton.
Fortunately for America, these attacks are almost certain to fail. The arc of history is long, but it bends toward Koch.
Dick Cheney was also an early backer of gay marriage.”

Bruce P. Majors Breaking – Supreme’s mandate that employers offer gay marriage, the only proven 100% effective method of birth control.

How many guys went out and celebrated the ruling last night, by doing things that are the opposite of what you would need to do if married to someone? lol

Joshuwa Proctor This is why we can’t have nice things, well other than decor, home cooked meals and a night of Idol without interruptions. But other than that, no nice things at all.

"So you are running for office!"

26 Aug
Voters Want More New Choices

Every year fewer Americans vote for President.  In 2012, 40% of the (voting age) population did not vote, more than the percentage that voted for President Obama (30%), Mitt Romney (29%), or Libertarian Gary Johnson (1%) or any other independent or third party candidates.  Fewer people voted for Obama in 2012 than in 2008; Obama was only re-elected because even more GOP voters dropped out between 2008 and 2012.

At the same time, millions of Americans, perhaps part of that 40%, have taken to the streets, both with the Tea Party and with the Occupy movements (or have endured IRS harassment by filing to start 501c3 and c4 groups).  In the wake of the Obama administration’s continuing scandals, the President’s job disapproval ratings have risen to 52%.  (And Congress and the media are also not popular.)  A majority of Americans think Edward Snowden is a whistleblower, even though almost every government official, and certainly every administration official, has insisted that he is a traitor.  (And even some libertarian journalists and tea party politicians have back pedaled saying he did everything the wrong way and is personally reprehensible.)

As a result, tea partiers, libertarians, and other mavericks, have started challenging Republicans in primaries.  Perhaps fearing the same thing, a few Democrats have begun to criticize the NSA or Obamacare.  A true reform movement might emerge in the Democratic Party, something like the movements behind Howard Dean or Barack Obama, before they were both absorbed by the Borg.

Perhaps you’d like to step into the fray yourself in 2014.  I did it in my own little way in 2012, running for Congress (Delegate to Congress) in the nearly one party state of DC as a Libertarian, and for the first time, getting a new party enough of the vote to get it permanent ballot status.  You can now get yourself on the ballot as a Libertarian in the 2014 primaries and general election in DC without collecting 5,000 or more signatures to do so.

Some people asked me to write about my experience running for office, since it was a success of sorts, even a surprising one.  I told them the main thing I had to tell people was you must spend enough money to get the job done, and some insisted that that was a message activists actually needed to hear.  Why run an underfunded campaign that just contributes to an image that reformers, mavericks, or  libertarians (including Libertarians), have no chance of changing things.  So here it is.

Ballot Access

But in your race you may still need to go through this step.  Even if you are running in one of the two incumbent parties, you may have to collect significant numbers of signatures to get on the primary ballot.  (In special elections, for example, it’s often the case that everyone must collect thousands of signatures.)

You’ll need lots of volunteers to help you manage this and to collect the signatures, a thankless task (DC and many states schedule the signature gathering period of an election in the hottest weeks of the summer, so that petitioners must stand in parking lots and on sidewalks in 100 degree heat — yet OSHA, knowing where it’s bread is buttered, doesn’t seem to question these restrictive ballot access practices.)  It may be legal to hire petitioners, even roving teams of “professional” petitioners from other states, in your jurisdiction.  So in other words, you need money.


You will need money for lots of things.  Campaign swag — buttons, bumperstickers, T shirts.  And advertising — print, radio, online, maybe even radio or TV.  (You can design fast and dirty swag at vendors like CafePress.)

If you are running against an incumbent, he or she will be very well funded.  You can see who gives your opponent money by going to, which publicizes FEC reports in a searchable database.  You are probably going to find that your opponents is funded by Political Action Committees, corporate donors, and unions, with few individual donors.  They are being rewarded for the legislative favors and tax dollars they give to special interests.  This will be true of faux radicals, “progressives” (in name only – PINOs), and people who were civil rights or feminist activists (decades ago) and who rest on those laurels with media complicity.

You might be able to beat them by spending less money than they do, but you will need to be in the same ballpark.  If you have a lesser goal, like getting permanent ballot status for a new party (as I did), you will probably find that you need to spend something like the same number of dollars per vote as the incumbent.  In my case my incumbent, Eleanor Holmes Norton, routinely raises $400,000 every two years to run essentially unopposed in a one party state — that’s about $2 per vote.  I spent closer to $1 a vote.  Less, but still in the same order of magnitude dollars per vote.  Presidential campaigns now seem to be spending a billion dollars each to campaign in a country of 300 million (way more than $3 per vote, given that a plurality don’t vote and the Democrats and Republicans get billions more in free coverage from media corporations).  I’d suggest you find out how many voters are in your state or district (or decide how many votes you are aiming for) and come up with a plan to raise at least $1 per vote.  Start early.  Treat it the way you would to raise money to buy a house or send a child to college.  Save and raise money now.

The standard fundraising methods:

1) Self-financing.  Make and save money this year to spend on your campaign next year.  One PAC is based on the idea that “Early Money Is Like Yeast.”  Your money may be that money, that allows you to look viable enough to attract some donors.

2) Finance Committee.  It’s good to line up a group who will give or get, or pledge to give or get, money, months (or years) ahead of your campaign.

3) Online Giving.  There are vendors like Transaxt or Piryx that provide a way for people to give you money online, with the vendor sending 94-97% of the donation on to your campaign checking account a few days later.  This is more advance work you need to do:  set up an account and designate a bank; identify your treasurer, who will file reports with the Federal Election Commission, Clerk of Congress or local and state agencies; get a taxpayer ID number for the campaign.  Currently you can file electronically with the FEC if you spend less than $50,000.  Some agencies, like the Clerk of the Congress, make you list all assets and income; local agencies may make you swear you are current on tax filings.

4) Fundraisers.  Identify supporters with palatial homes or find a fun event space, and throw a party.  Charge an entry fee, and then have someone who is good at it pitch people for additional donations.  Give everyone lost of alcohol  — it makes people give more money.  (This is also why you need campaign swag.  You want your donors and your campaign committee members to feel ownership of your campaign.  And they do and your campaign also seems more viable if you have buttons, stickers and yard signs to give them.)

5) Direct Mail.  If you have the budget you can mail both donor and voter prospects a bumpersticker.  All your direct mail should lead people back to your website, especially donations links.  Longer letters have been found to raise more money.  You can find names of likely donors at, by searching for people in relevant zip codes who have donated to campaigns (e.g. Ron Paul, Gary Johnson) with similar positions to yours.  Supposedly the FEC believes it is illegal to use its data in this way, and yet there it is sitting on the net.  You may need to cross check with or local property tax records to find the current address of donors.

Resource Allocation/Time Management

Basic economics tell us you can’t do everything — you don’t have the time or money.  EMILY’s List (“Early Money is Like Yeast”) tells us you want to target people you know will want to vote, volunteer, and above all DONATE to you EARLY.  So you need to target.

To target direct mail you can rent mailing lists from groups with views similar to your own, or use  You can also get voter lists segregated by party affiliation from your local board of elections.

For internet targeting, vendors will be willing to help you.  The companies that sell ad space on sites like will sell you an ad that only appears in zip codes and cities where you are running.  Facebook and other social media allow you to target ads by age, gender, location, and people who have an interest in specific topics (NSA, debt, IRS, Edward Snowden).

For door to door canvassing you could use voter registration lists segregated by party.  As a maverick you may want to appeal to independents or the more independent voters in all parties.  You should look at election results from recent elections and see where candidates or issues (e.g. term limits, decriminalization, tax limitations) in line with your views got the most votes.  In my DC race I received 6% of the vote, but I got 18% of the vote from Delegate Norton’s immediate neighbors on Capitol Hill.  Based on earlier years we had assumed Dupont Circle and adjacent hipster neighborhoods were where we had the most libertarian voters and had hung lots of street signs there and fewer on the Hill.  Next time we will give them more equal coverage.  You should make sure you base knows about and is excited about your campaign.

You will probably have to do some triage, especially with events.  You will find yourself being invited to community forums on the same night.  I went to some and was invited to others, in part because Greens and progressive Democrats wanted to present a unified challenge to the incumbent.  (Delegate Norton was so well funded and confident she doesn’t speak to community groups, though she was caught doing some inebriated tweeting during one of the Presidential debates.  My joke at the time was that her social media maven said she needed a Tumblr and she didn’t understand what he meant.)  You may see that you are speaking to the same 40 political junkies at each event.  If they aren’t supporters who donate and volunteer time, and if there is no media coverage, you are better off dialing for dollars, canvassing neighborhoods, or hanging streets signs.


Though some issues are pervasive in all races — taxes, exploding debt, runaway spending, corruption, invasions of privacy — you will want to identify important issues in your race overlooked by the incumbent and the established parties or factions.  Three areas I think people should explore in 2014 are 1) the luxurious self-rewarding spending by the political class, 2) illegal surveillance and data collection by government agencies, and 3) election tampering by incumbents and their supporters.  Are your local and state or Congressional politicians hiring relatives or going on expensive junkets?  Do they have friends or relatives who are well paid lobbyists?  Are local and state agencies cooperating with the IRS, NSA, SEC to invade citizens’ privacy?  Does your jurisdiction have any laws preventing invasions of privacy or regulating the use of drones?  Additionally school choice and failing urban schools are the soft underbelly of the Democratic Party coalition, overlooked by many in the GOP.

There are many good sources of information on local and states issues:  the Franklin Centerthe Reason Foundation, Americans for Tax Reform, or the Cato Institute.

Even if you don’t win

You should have fun, meet people, and build a network.  You may get a new party on the ballot, or help a group of activists take over your city, county or state Republican or Democratic Party, or get people elected to committees and conventions.  It’s a long game, even though our late stage disaster statism seems not far from collapse.  Each small step is on the road to eventual victory.

Libertarian calendar for the rest of July

19 Jul

Washington, D.C.

The Korean War, Sixty Years On: Whither the U.S.-South Korean Alliance and Relations with North Korea

Policy Forum

July 19, 2013 12:00PM

Hayek Auditorium
Featuring H. E. Ahn Ho-Young, South Korean Ambassador to the United States; Scott Snyder, Senior Fellow for Korea Studies and Director of the Program on U.S.-Korea Policy, Council on Foreign Relations; and Doug Bandow, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute, Author of Tripwire: Korea and U.S. Foreign Policy in a Changed World; moderated byChristopher Preble, Vice President for Defense and Foreign Policy Studies, Cato Institute.
The Korean War ended six decades ago, but so far hopes for reform and liberalization in North Korea have been frustrated. On the 60th anniversary of the signing of the armistice, South Korea’s ambassador to the U.S. will address the future of the U.S.-South Korean alliance, which also turns 60 this year. Two Korea experts will follow with commentary on relations between Washington and Seoul, as well as appropriate policy towards Pyongyang. Should America pursue more intense involvement or turn the North Korean “problem” over to its neighbors, including China?
If you can’t make it to the Cato Institute, watch this event live online at and follow @CatoEvents on Twitter to get future event updates, live streams, and videos from the Cato Institute.

Attend in Person

Online registration for this event is now closed. If you are interested in registering for this event, please email
Luncheon Included
Washington, D.C.
 NORML Happy Hour
6:00 pm
Town Tavern
2323 18th Street NW

(Abnormal people welcome)

It’s that time again, we are hosting another NORML night at the Town Tavern in Adams Morgan (DC) on Friday, July 19th!

With a $5 donation to NORML at the door, you will receive mixed rail and domestic bottle drinks specials for $3 from 6-9 pm. We will have trivia and raffle drawings with chances to win special NORML merchandise!

You will also get the opportunity to meet the nation’s leading marijuana law reform activists, including NORML’s Executive Director, Allen St. Pierre, Founder Keith Stroup, NORML Women’s Alliance Founder, Sabrina Fendrick, Communications Director Erik Altieri, and Membership Coordinator Jil Staszewski.This is a great opportunity to meet like minded people in the area so please share this event with other activists who might like to join!

***NOTE: We encourage our guests to please be responsible and sensible, and to utilize public transportation. If a cab is needed, you may contact the Yellow Cab Company of DC: (202) 546-7900. Additional contact information will be provided at the event.***


Washington, D.C.


Rise of the Warrior State with Radley Balko
    • 6:30pm until 8:30pm

  • Join the DC-area staff of Reason and Radley Balko, author of “Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces,” at H.R. 57 in Washington, DC on Monday, July 22 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm.

    We’ll be celebrating the release of “Rise of the Warrior Cop” at H.R. 57, D.C.’s only non-profit center for the preservation of jazz and blues with live music from The Cold Stares. Balko will be on hand to discuss his new book and answer your questions.

    What: Book Party with Radley Balko, author of “Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces”
    When: Monday, July 22 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm
    Where: H.R. 57, 1007 H St. NE

    Questions? Please contact


Washington, D.C.

1606 20th Street Northwest Washington, DC
  • (

  • Join America’s Future Foundation and Young Britons’ Foundation in a Transatlantic Toast to Liberty!

    Meet liberty-minded colleagues from Britain during their annual visit.

    Catch up with AFF friends new and old

    Young Britons Foundation is the leading organization promoting the ideas of liberty to students and young people in the UK. Each summer, it brings a delegation of its student leaders to the U.S. In proper fashion, we would like to bring us together on common ground and drink to our common ideals. Come and make a transatlantic toast to liberty!

Washington, D.C.

  • Do you think you’re smart stuff?

    Who coined the term “creative destruction?” Leonard Read published what famous essay in the December 1958 edition of “The Freeman?” Which amendment protects Americans from the forced quartering of soldiers?

    Do you know the answers? Test your knowledge against your friends at Liberty on the Rocks trivia night!

    Happy hour will start at 6:00 PM and trivia will start at 7:00 PM. Teams will consist of 3-6 players. $5 cost per team to play. If you don’t have a team, we will help to form teams that night! You can be 18+ years old to play, and 21+ to drink.

    Winning team will receive a $50 Visa gift card!

    It’s time to get competitive so form your teams wisely and start brushing up!

    Mackey’s is conveniently located on 1823 L St, just a couple of blocks from Farragut West (blue and orange) and Farragut North (red) metro.

    Drink specials: $3 Miller and Coors light; $4 Sam Adams, Heineken, Yeungling, Leinenkugel, Anchor Steam, Dos Equis, Amstel; $4 rail, house white and red wine. Happy hour prices for selected appetizers.

Washington, D.C.
Hunter Patterson, Libertarian Stand Up
The Big Hunt
1345 Connecticut Avenue NW

  • Come see new and improvedish Hunter try stand up again. I’ll be doing mostly new material that probably won’t involve any cursing.

    ————————————————————————————————————— Nationwide

August 4

 19(8/4) Day!

 Being planned

August 4th is being called “1984 Day” or “19(8/4) Day,” meant to be a play on the novel 1984 and the date. Like those held earlier this month, this will be a set of simultaneous nationwide events, except we won’t market them just as “protests” but instead emphasize the variety of the ways we’ll be promoting action against unconstitutional surveillance.

Many local organizations already went ahead with plans for rallies/protests on August 4th, but in DC, we wanted to do something fun. Here are some fun, lighthearted activities we can do on 1984 day.
Event Ideas:
•             Host “group learning events” based on teaching each other and the community how to use technology (e.g. encryption) to avoid surveillance. The folks over at Prism Break have focused on personal avoidance of surveillance and you could consider helping others do the same.
(AKA Crypto- Parties.. Just a side note- I am well-versed in this subject and would not mind hosting one for interested parties outside of the scope of 1984 day as well)
•             Reserve time at a local art house theater and host a showing of relevant films. (Kind of like what MOCO did the other day!)
More Light-Hearted Local Activities:
•             Host a fun run or bike ride or similar event, like many charities host to promote their cause. This might be especially effective in communities where such events are already a common way the community comes together.
•             Get a local radio station to a host a scavenger hunt for Rt4. Items include pictures of security cameras, Verizon trucks, government plates, etc. (I really love this!)
•             Get together to use costume and street theater. Some local organizers, like those in DC, will be encouraging people to dress up like a spy (or how people might imagine one to look). Participants could go about a normal day like this and, when questioned on it, spread awareness and literature. You could also engage in other activities to draw attention, like those in the next section…
Costume, Street Theater and Exhibition
•             Urban Drive-In: using projectors, set up a video anti-NSA playlist in a public place (gain permission from business owners to use their wall).
•             Pretend you work for the NSA and stand on a street corner reporting on people’s activities (loudly) into a non-operating headset.
•             Carry around a non-operating mic with “NSA” written on it and pretend to record people.
•             Just walk around or go door-to-door asking what people know about the NSA and the scandal, with some sort of interesting addition (free candy, buttons, etc) so we are remembered.
This sort of thing can up being just awkward if not pulled off carefully and with confidence, so make sure you’re well-prepared and take lengths to avoid annoying people.
Please let me know your thoughts.
Best Regards,
Andrea O’Neill
Restore the Fourth DC
PH: 540-993-8407

If anyone is interested in hosting a film and discussion — I am happy to lend my copy of War on Whistleblowers  — it is a good film.

another idea i can offer is to host a FOIA (freedom of information act) party — it’s a program we did a few years ago but haven’t pushed it much recently, but we have a bunch of resources, template letters for people to submit FOIA requests to the various agencies.  right now it’s archived on our old website:  It’s an activity that can be included with a movie or discussion.


Sue Udry
Executive Director
Defending Dissent Foundation

I Want Your Money — film outing

16 Oct

What: I Want Your Money

When: Saturday, October 16, 2010 3:15 PM

Where: AMC Courthouse Plaza 8
2150 Clarendon Blvd
Arlington, VA 22201

Activist filmmaker Ray Griggs contrasts the presidency of Barack Obama against the presidency of Ronald Reagan in an effort to expose the growing role that the Federal Government plays in our daily lives while using California as an indicator of the economic battles that may face our nation in the future and speaking candidly with a variety of experts about some of President Obama’s most controversial initiatives. ~

RSVP to this Meetup: