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New Hampshire Liberty Party convenes

19 Feb
I’ve joined, on line anyway, the New Hampshire Liberty Party, which seems to include libertarians and allow you to be a member of another party simultaneously.  They seem to be Free State Projectish, advocating that New Hampshire leave the United States.

Wait!  I thought proglodytes told me only racist neo-Confederate southerners were secessionists!

I have a personal carpetbagger question for readers too:  should I move to Virginia and run for Delegate in 2013 even if I move back to DC and run for office there in 2014?

  • In accordance with Article 5 of the bylaws of the NH Liberty Party, the NHLP Annual Convention shall take place during the Free State Project’s Liberty Forum.
    This year, the convention will be held on Saturday Feb 23 from 5-7 pm.
    The new State Committee shall be elected, and the members may choose to amend the bylaws.

    Attendance: Attendance to the the Liberty Forum is not required to attend the NHLP Annual Convention. The particular room for the NHLP convention has yet to officially be determined.

Nashua, New Hampshire 03063