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A Dozen Libertarian Valentine Roses

13 Feb
We’re adding more handsome Libertarians to our earlier lists — watch out for the thorns.

I’m publishing this today so they can punch me at ISFLC if they don’t like being in lists.

Marianne Copenhaver

Though a Gary Johnson voter in 2012, she is now Senator Rand Paul’s new social media person.  Ms. Copenhaver’s family was depicted in Stephen King’s Children of the Corn.  She was played by Halle Berry in the X-Men franchise.

Julie Borowski

FreedomWorks blogger and everyone’s favorite libertarian gal to debate pro- and con-.  Apparently it is taking a toll.

J. Buzz Webb

Buzz Webb of Provincetown, Mass., builds a dance stage in preparation for her annual Big Gay Dance Party, known as the biggest party of the libertarian PorcFest festival.  The founder and organizer of PorcFest, she is handing it off to someone else after this year.

Sloane Shearman

Sloane is a Talent Management Assistant at the Institute for Humane Studies and  graduated from Penn State University in May, 2013 with a BA in anthropology. She served for two years as a counselor on a crisis and basic needs hotline, inspiring her to learn the mechanisms that create prosperity and teaching her empathic and conflict resolution skills she hopes to bring to the culture of liberty. Her future career goals include identifying and maximizing talent within the liberty movement, and developing robust relationships between the organizations and individuals that compose it.

Sloane’s other passions include art, falafel, and her dog, Gatsby.

Addie Hollis

Addie Hollis, a writer and photographer, is a jack-of-all-trades. If there is something she doesn’t know how to do or something she wants to learn, she’ll figure it out. She has a bachelor degree in business administration and interpersonal communication, although in hindsight realizes she should have pursued economics and philosophy. Her current interests include cooking from scratch, writing fiction, playing PC games, collecting Japanese manga and talking.  She writes at ThoughtsOnLiberty.


Nena Whitfield

Now running LOLA, a libertarian women’s group.

Daria Kafler

Ms. Kafler is a member of Tel Aviv University Students for Liberty


Ashe Schow

Ms. Schow (right) is a columnist for the Washington Examiner.


Libby Jacobsen

Libby Jacobson is a Senior Fellow with the Independent Women’s Forum and a communications professional in DC. Previously she has worked for several free-market think tanks, and her writings have appeared in the Washington Examiner Opinion Zone and Libby’s interests include exposing nanny state regulations and economic illiteracy, tech policy, women and the workplace, and exploring the intersection between feminism and libertarianism.

Jacelyn Boudreaux

While working at the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health near her home in Massachusetts, Jaclyn began to understand the importance of freedom-promoting policies.  Jaclyn was seeking a way to make complicated philosophy, policy, and economic issues accessible to the general public when her search led her to the ideal tool for doing so: Learn Liberty. For maximal happiness outside of her career, Jaclyn requires Tyrion Lannister, mojitos, SPF 30 or higher, vegetarian options, friendly librarians, and non-calorie-listing menus.

Laura Delhomme

I’m relaxing my rule that friends can’t be in my lists, just for Valentine’s Day, so my buddy Laura Delhomme, candidate and IT whiz, moving to the Institute for Human Studies, can finally be in one.


Corey Hubbard

Corey L. Hubbard is a recent graduate of International Relations and Comparative Politics from the University of Central Florida. While at UCF, Corey founded and worked with multiple organizations dedicated to liberty. In 2010, she was invited England to work in the House of Commons. As an IHS, FEE, YAL, and SFL alumna, she remains steadfast in her defense of market supremacy and self ownership through research, blogging, and networking activists across the globe. 

Nena Bartlett on "big picture" libertarianism

5 May

We recorded most of this LibertyFest, New York’s newer version of the New Hampshire’s PorcFest, southern California’s Libertopia, or Vegas’s FreedomFest.

Come back every day for most of May to see another speaker or performer.  It’s time released LibertyFest.

IRS War on Libertarian Women’s Group

13 Aug
Do you think there should be more women in the liberty movement? Yep, us too.

The IRS’s War on Women

A letter from our executive director, Nena Bartlett:

Dear friend of liberty,
My heart dropped when I opened up a letter from the IRS that read “Your organization’s tax-exempt status has been automatically revoked.”

Could it be? We’d spent so much money and energy applying for tax-exemption, I was in disbelief. The letter stated that our non-profit status had actually been revoked in 2012, but without any warning or prior notice and at that time we’d only had our status for a few months. To top it off, this was within days of me giving my month’s notice at my job so that I could work with the Ladies of Liberty Alliance full-time.

Needless to say, I was outraged and wrote the IRS to contest the “automatic” decision. Their response, dated May 13, said there was no appeals process, only that we could reapply. Neither of these letters were signed by anyone, and there was no one listed to call for more information.

Then, on May 14, the IRS’s corrupt practice of targeting certain groups was exposed, and 2 weeks later we received another letter, this one personalized and signed, from the Cincinnati office of the IRS. The letter made no apologies and offered no further information other than that our group had been erroneously placed on the IRS’ automatic revocation list.

We are the only non-profit out with the mission of educating and empowering female leaders within the liberty movement, but losing our non-profit status with the IRS would have made it more difficult to raise money, especially the type of seed money that we need right now for growth. 

Please consider helping us make up for lost time thanks to the IRS and sign up for a recurring donation of $5.14 to celebrate the day that the IRS was exposed as an even worse government agency than we already thought it was. If you can spare it, $5.14 for 12 months adds up to $61.56, enough to provide a scholarship for one liberty-loving woman at our upcoming media training.

Your contribution will be tax-exempt (yay!) and you will be helping to train the women who will spread the message of liberty to more women and help make our movement mainstream.

Visit to make a donation and read more about our story in an op-ed I wrote for The Daily Caller.

Sincerely and for liberty,

Nena Bartlett

Executive Director


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LOLA Speakers Bureau

We’re always adding new ladies of liberty to our Speakers Bureau!

If you’d like to be a part of it or if there’s someone we missed, please let us know at

Ladies of Liberty Alliance training tonight

30 Jul

Join the Ladies of Liberty Alliance at the Institute for Justice on July 30th at 7pm! Come learn the tricks and tools of grassroots activism and lobbying right in the heart of American politics. Whether you want to change policy on the federal level or the state level, Liz Reitzig, co-founder of Farm Food Freedom Coalition, will show you the keys to success.

Woman only event.

Please RSVP to

Institute For Justice
901 North Glebe Road

Arlington, VA 22203

Ladies of Liberty Alliance Training

30 Jul
Join the Ladies of Liberty Alliance at the Institute for Justice on July 30th at 7pm! Come learn the tricks and tools of grassroots activism and lobbying right in the heart of American politics. Whether you want to change policy on the federal level or the state level, Liz Reitzig, co-founder of Farm Food Freedom Coalition, will show you the keys to success.

Woman only event.

Please RSVP to

Institute For Justice
901 North Glebe Road

Arlington, VA 22203

Public speaking workshop/Speakers’ Bureau

1 Jan

Ladies of Liberty Alliance

Dear Ladies of Liberty and supporters,

We are now accepting applicants for our second LOLA training, it will be a public speaking training sponsored by the Leadership Institute in Arlington, VA and take place on February 4, 2012 from 10am until 6pm.  We will have top-of-the-line teachers and it will be an excellent  opportunity to gain experience and hone your public speaking skills in a pro-liberty, friendly group of ladies.  Please tell your friends and lunch will be provided.  Send a letter of interest to

And finally, the much anticipated LOLA Speakers Bureau!  Included are women from around the country who are experienced speakers and known to be liberty-minded.  This will serve as a tool for conference, tv show, and radio show hosts, who are in search of liberty-minded females to speak about the issues of the day.  We anticipate that this list will grow exponentially, and we will update it and make it searchable and more user-friendly over time.

For now, there simply are not enough of us out there!  That is why LOLA is focusing on supplying the demand for liberty-minded ladies who are trained to be on television, radio, or to otherwise speak publicly.  We will highlight a new woman with every update.  This time, we are highlighting Emily O’Neill!

We will be offering another media training in February in Washington, D.C.  Details forthcoming so stay tuned.  

LOLA Speakers Bureau

LOLA Speakers Bureau

Your one-stop stop for liberty-minded female speakers, coming this fall.  


December Lady of Liberty Emily O’Neill

Emily O’Neill grew up in a small town in NH and pursued a B.A. in communications while participating in the Army ROTC program at the University of New Hampshire.  Emily was president of UNH’s pro-life student activism group, Students for Life, and was co-president of the UNH chapter of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL).  After graduation, Emily moved to the DC area for an internship with YAL and later accepted a position on Capitol Hill as press secretary for Congressman Justin Amash (MI-03).  She remains a member of the 372nd Military Police Battalion, part of the Washington, D.C., Army National Guard and is currently volunteering for various libertarian causes. See the interview Emily created at the LOLA Media Training earlier this month and pass it along to your contacts who work in TV, radio, and video production!