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A "progressive" speaks on the Zimmerman verdict

14 Jul
Mark Carpenter
2:50 PM (1 hour ago)

to kolEchos70paul_dunkranger116gunner847kidwell18wilemdvandoran.heath.,
Just remember: if we see a suspicious person in our neighborhood armed with a Republican bumper sticker, we have the right to shoot first and ask questions later since we can use the “stand your ground” law as our defense. 
Republicans are here to rape our liberal women, shoot gays and blacks and it’s safe to assume that any Republican is armed and dangerous and up to no good.


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Too bad no one reads the Oresteia anymore.

Grieving over loss of Chavez, leftovers begin fantasizing about killing tea party activists

6 Mar
From Al Bore’s internets

I know what you mean, Whatnow. Based on my experience with this group, I probably wouldn’t administer CPR to a republican or a teabagger who was drowning or a having a heart attack; and I won’t stop to assist a motorist who has a republican or a teabagger bumper sticker EVEN IF their car is broken along US 385 in west Texas, EVEN IF it is 115 degrees, EVEN IF it’s the beginning of August. 

“Let the dead bury the dead” – and as far as I’m concerned, giving aid and comfort to a republican or a teabagger is tantamount to TREASON.

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I don’t know. I hate Republicans a lot. Just the thought of them makes my skin crawl much like the sight of a cockroach.
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Nobody knows hate like a republican

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Hate Hugo Chavez? You’re brainwashed by the CIA. You have no intellect and you’ll always be controlled by somebody else.
90 per cent of the people in the world are like you, stupid. That’s why they can so easily be sent to murder innocent people and enjoy it.
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I know that it’s a sad day in Liberalville with Hugo Chavez dying of cancer. His punks are even blaming it on Bush ! HAHAHA!!   But Venezuelans living here in the States are dancing in the streets !   I guess C astro’s socialized heaalthcare didn’t work so well? 
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