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MayDay PAC hypocrisy

28 Jan
CCP President David Keating: “If donor disclosure is so easy to do, then how come a Harvard Law Professor couldn’t figure out to file his reports correctly?”

Alexandria, VA – The Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) today released the following statement in response to news that MayDay PAC, the “Super-PAC to end all Super-PACs” run by Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig,
This comes on the heels of a CCP complaint pending at the FEC that MayDay PAC repeatedly failed to use the legally required disclaimers on their advertisements.
“Professor Lessig’s misguided efforts to restrict First Amendment speech rights reek of hypocrisy.  If more speech regulation is such a good idea, then how come a Harvard Law Professor with a multi-million dollar budget can’t follow the laws that exist now?” said David Keating, President of the Center for Competitive Politics. “Lessig ought to join our campaign to simplify and reduce campaign finance laws so that even a Harvard law professor can figure out how to comply with them.”