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Bigotry – sometimes a matter of taste

6 Apr
There are lots of gay businesses that exclude non-gays, and lesbian events that exclude even gay men or transgender people: Olivia cruises, Atlantis cruises, the Michigan Womyn’s music festival, many gay B&Bs (I’ve been at one in Ft. Lauderdale and seen them turn away a straight couple, who I assume were named something like Pat and Chris, who had reservations). I really think straight people should now sue all of these businesses out of existence, just to make the point that if you want to begin outlawing all freedom of association (and freedom of belief) then two can play that game. Developers are just beginning to discuss gay oriented nursing homes and 55+ communities, so let’s nip that in the bud too. (The list is endless – gay oriented health care providers, etc. etc.)

Not wanting to be with straight or gay or bisexual or transgender people in all situations doesn’t automatically make you a bigot.  When my (married, heterosexual) female doctor left DC for Palo Alto, I had to find a new doctor.  I finally settled on her medical partner, a frighteningly good looking married heterosexual guy.  But I had to think about what kind of person, among the many doctors available at the upper NW silk stocking medical center I had been using, I would feel most comfortable having their hands on (and in) me and my aging, thickening body: a man, a woman, someone attractive, someone not attractive, gay, straight, young, old.  (The answer is I don’t really like having any of these people in this situation — but I’d hate to be forced to accept one – or have them forced to accept me or anyone that made them uncomfortable.)  I think there are lots of sensitive areas, from kindergartens to nursing homes, where the idea that we should force or even shame people into accepting what they aren’t (maybe yet) comfortable with, is malicious.  And I don’t think we get to decide for other people which services – tailors, hair stylists, shoe salesman, algebra teachers, etc. – are sensitive or not.

Meanwhile, the failed civil rights paradigm grinds on, trying to identify new “protected classes” it can make money and acquire more power protecting by forcing you to share a locker room.

African Americans, the original intended beneficiaries, have double digit unemployment and are often trapped in failed, de facto segregated, school systems, where the rounding up and selling of poor children of color to the educrat cartels funds the candidates of the political party most wedded to the failed civil rights paradigm. And real moves to inclusion and equality occur because of innovations in the market, like Uber or Lyft, where you hire and pay for a ride and get it regardless of color, while taxi cabs that have been regulated as an alleged public accommodation under civil rights law for decades pass you by based on your race or zip code, even though the civil rights regime supposedly prevents that.

We need to scrap the entire civil rights mythology and its priestly class (who so often point out that they are Reverends) and reformulate all such policies to be based on the ideas of individual self-ownership and all that it entails, including freedom of association.

Censored! Yelp ate my pizza!

6 Apr

We wanted to let you know we’ve removed your review of Memories Pizza. We understand this business recently received media attention in relation to the RFRA in Indiana, and we realize that people have strong opinions (including Yelp: you can read our CEO’s open letter at 

That said, reviews on Yelp are meant to reflect the opinions of those who have had a personal consumer interaction with a business. Per our Content Guidelines (, reviews should express a “firsthand consumer experience.”

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